Qiao Zhenyu sun sighs no one is younger than the family was praised for the value of high [map]

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Qiao Zhenyu photos

On March 19th, Qiao Zhenyu sunk an old photo on a social networking site. The article reads: "Grandma, Mom, you weren't too young."

In the photo, four girls are photographed and each one has a long braid and looks pretty. The third girl from the left, because of her similarity to Qiao Zhenyu, was guessed by the fans: “The third one should be my mother-in-law?”

Netizens said one after another: "The third is not a mother, wow, too much like", "are big beautiful women, Qiao Jiayan's value is against the sky," "Emma is indeed my mother-in-law, so beautiful, no wonder my husband So handsome."

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