Liu shishi xiaotong guan tianyu ma qiao zhenyu those years by the backlog of dramas you still follow

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In recent years, the public has not only improved the quality requirements of the TV series, but also become more and more "strict" to the leading actors in the series. Only by winning the hearts of the audience through details can we be called as an excellent work. However, recently, there has been a large number of "backlogs" in domestic TV series. TV series with too many works and problems of actors have been delayed, and some stars have been affected, for example Liu Shishi , Xiaotong Guan , Tianyu Ma and Qiao Zhenyu And so on.

1. Liu Shishi Xiaotong Guan Tianyu Ma Qiao Zhenyu. JPG

Liu Shishi urban drama has been delayed for two years Baikao is finally online

It's been around for the last two years. If you can love this way "" is Liu Shishi's latest TV series, with actors Tong Dawei , Jianfeng Bao And cooperation has become the focus of attention of people in the play Liu Shishi plays an uprightness brave cat is a girl for nothing, and she and Tong we played pianist geng between the inkwell staged a moving love story, but "If you can love this way, only broadcast delay for two years, many fans guessing the show is to" cool ", so far, the public expectation of it is very high.

2. Liu Shishi urban drama has been delayed for two years and bai kao has finally come online. JPG

Xiaotong Guan Qin Junjie Hand in hand in the performance of "unusual road" wuxia drama

" Hurricane knife Is Xiaotong Guan and Qin Junjie partner a costume dramas starring for the first time, for some reason not broadcast as scheduled, however, for the backlog for four years, television delay let fans wait almost burn out, but it is said that this year's Hurricane knife "soon", was finally able to see Xiaotong Guan and Qin Junjie to the entertainment industry to raise colour handsome and pretty girl they how can we bring in the play "come" performance? I'm sure the audience still expected a different surprise.

3. Xiaotong Guan Qin Junjie joins hands to perform the wuxia drama of

Tianyu Ma Jiarong Lv " Amoy wedding record "And it began

Tianyu Ma and Jiarong Lv this to "old" in terms of location, so to speak is very tacit understanding, from the earliest "Amoy wedding record" met up to now, both of the revolution of friendship is very precious, but the Amoy wedding record, this led to two people friendship like a modern city show didn't immediately after filming for broadcast, but was delayed for three years, until now, maybe in general think that the show has been "no hope", has recently said that it will be aired this year. Fans of both Jiarong Lv and Tianyu Ma have expressed excitement and anticipation at the news that aidou's work is finally available.

4 Tianyu Ma Jiarong Lv 'Amoy wedding record' comes out loud. JPG

Qiao Zhenyu stars in pure love costume drama Net friend: exactly broadcast not broadcast

TV drama adapted from novel Man vine radish "Qiao Zhenyu,Yao Di (actress), but already beginning work because the actor was forced to delay some of the negative news, to this, Qiao Zhenyu haven't stopped teasing, fans of "Man vine radish, the costume piece of pure love, and Qiao Zhenyu joining is one of the key points to attract the audience, the fans also prefers his costume look, however, was a backlog of two years of work has been no clear to air, netizens also tired of waiting, in weibo message: not replayed the show also?

Qiao Zhenyu stars in pure love costume drama netizen: is it really on? JPG

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