Ning Jing' Ace to Ace' Domineering Beauty and Gas Field Makeover “Tony Leung Chiu-wai” Live "Carina Lau

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This Friday, Zhejiang Satellite TV " Ace to Ace " will usher in the goddess special event, "charm woman" PK "stylish hot mom" gimmick full of curiosity. Ning Jing , Angie Chiu , Carina Lau , Han Xue (actress) , Cecilia Cheung , Huang Shengyi , Ivy Chen and others all appeared. The goddess assembled and the lineup was quite powerful. Ning Jing wearing a champagne cape with wide-leg trousers, showing a perfect curve, a sleek, short hair style seems to have become a woman with a domineering beauty label, temperament full score, full of gas field.

On the program, Ning Jing will team up with Cecilia Cheung and Huang Shengyi to form a team of “Charming Women” team with Carina Lau, Han Xue (actress) and Ivy Chen. Ning Jing's vocal and lively performances are lively, and the interaction with Jia Ling is also full of fun and shows the side of a lovely big woman. At the scene, it was more flexible and challenged the tough legs, stunned the audience, and scored handsomely.

It is reported that Ning Jing will be transformed into " Tony Leung Chiu-wai " and Carina Lau on the show. Not only that, she also worked with Han Xue (actress) and Huang Shengyi to restore the classic fragments of the New Legend of the Legend of the Dead, bringing back countless memories of the audience. Ning Jing will show her multi-faceted personality. She is really cute and aggressive. She locked up the program this Friday night to pay attention.

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