When will the TV series "Patriots" broadcast the "Patriot" story introduction and cast?

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When the TV series " Patriot " broadcasts the "Patriot" story introduction and cast

"Patriot" is directed by Gong Zhaohui , Zhang Luyi , Liya Tong starred in the anti-war drama.

The "Patriot" took 14 years of war against Japan as the background, telling the story of the Chinese communist SONG Xiaqiao looking for legendary hero Yan Hongguang and eventually becoming "Yan Hongguang" and leading the patriots to fight against the enemy.

"Patriot" premiere time: 06-08 per night 19:33 Premiere channel: Jiangsu Satellite TV


Patriot basic information:

Chinese name patriot

Production time 2017

Produced the company Zhonghui Film and Television, Kittori, Optical Media, Wayward Culture, Wuren Film and TV, Hongwen Taixin

Production Area China Mainland

Filming Location Phoenix Mountain, Harbin, Shenyang, Lushun, Shanghai

Director Gong Zhaohui

Screenplay Hailin Wang

Leading roles Zhang Luyi, Liya Tong, Fangsheng Lu , Lei Kang , Tian-yu , Du Guanru , Zhou Mi , Chengfeng Li

Set of 50 sets

Each set is 45 minutes in length

Type of war

Producers Bin Liu , Xuewen Wang

Online play platform iqiyi


Patriot plot introduction:

On the eve of the "September 18", the underground party Song Yanqiao accepted a mysterious mission of the Central Commission - looking for the anti-Japanese hero Yan Hongguang. Unexpectedly, the beginning of the mission faced a series of problems such as betrayal by betrayers, friend sacrifices, and loss of superiors. In order to find out the truth, Song Yanqiao was designed to go to jail, he was forced to fight at Manchu Police Station, the traitor was cleared, and the underground was rebuilt. organization. After the "September 18" outbreak, Song Yanqiao found Yan Hongguang in Harbin and secretly helped. After Yan Hongguang's sacrifice, he picked up the banner of this hero and played "Yan Hongguang" to continue fighting. He changed the form of urban struggle and began to establish urban guerrillas. He did not want anyone to be implicated, and he refused in the face of his confession. In extremely difficult conditions, he led the guerrillas and hidden lines, and repeatedly made extraordinary achievements. With the deterioration of the anti-Japanese war situation throughout the Northeast, he also reached the end of his destiny. He has had choices to steal from the Soviet Union. But he decided to stay and fight with the flag "Yan Hongguang" to the end.


Patriot Cast Form:

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Patriot related information:

The poster enters the heart: "A man is an army."

If the previously published two black and white solo posters set a heavy, stifling and majestic theme tone for the “Patriots” and create a low-key, mysterious, and ready-to-go overall perception, then this new exposure is a horizontal one. The two vertical posters, one red and one green, are all upgraded in terms of colors, techniques, and thematic expressions. The gas field is open and brings a strong visual impact to the audience. Its uniqueness is evident.

1. Redheads above the Black and White - Master of Justice

The most eye-catching in the new poster is a banner poster that has rendered a large area of ​​red. From the point of view of color distribution, the fonts used to display information such as the name of a drama, slogans, actors, etc. are white, the characters and scenes of the entire poster are black, and the sky, snow and other blanks are all rendered into big red. At first glance, the whole poster is like a blood red infiltration. Coupled with Zhang Luyi, who starred in the sword for a stabbing look, the audience seemed to be able to smell the breath from the battlefield through the posters, and the heavy atmosphere of life and death was vivid. In addition, the strong red and white color of the slashing red, but also a symbol of the bloody fight of the right teacher: the dark situation, but the patriots' blood is always hot, justice is bound to achieve the final victory.

2. Indigo touches beyond the theme color: Yu Wuyan love

In stark contrast to the strong sense of the previous poster, this is a “viewing” poster starring men and women. As the only two-person poster currently exposed, the “opposite lookout” poster uses the indigo color outside the black and white red color as the main color, making the whole picture soft and no longer arrogant. In the poster, Zhang Luyi and Liya Tong play the leading roles of Song Yanqiao and Shu Yizheng. They have an unpredictable look and a deep vision. One is like a sad, like to worry about. It is obviously a couple's hope. Eyes do not fall in the same spot. When you look closely at the posters, there are even more dead trees in the background between the two people, which separates the two people's eyes... It can be seen that there will be a period of tenderness and warmth between the male and female protagonists in the “Patriot”. The frustrating love of the war and fruitlessness has caused the audience to have infinite thoughts and jealousy.


A man can be an army

Looking through four posters, it is not difficult to see that the slogan of "A man can be an army" will always go hand in hand with the title of "Patriot". This is exactly the theme that the entire TV series has to express. "Patriot" described the underground party Song Yanqiao (Zhang Luyi) who encountered the mystery character "Yang Hongguang" who was honored as a hero but no one knew his true face in the process of completing the task. He was determined to find " Yan Hongguang, but it always has no result. After experiencing the enemy's missions such as competition in prison and latent camouflage, Song Yanqiao finally came to understand that he could become the "Yan Hongguang" to the people's hope. As a result, he collected all the forces that can be united, such as bandits, hunters, errant workers, and the old army, and formed armed groups to attack the Japanese army. After the heroic sacrifice of Song Yanqiao, the team of Yan Hongguang did not fall apart and continued to fight... "Yan Hongguang" is indeed a person, that is, Song Yanqiao after his growth; "Yan Hongguang" is not only a person, but also a person. The army, a conquered army composed of patriots. In the current national disaster, everything is a foolish dog, but everyone can become a "patriot". Every "patriot" is an army.

4, sharp and fuzzy overlapping collisions - painting sentient beings Vientiane

The so-called details of how to see the skills, how to display as much content as possible in a limited space of a poster is an important criterion for evaluating the quality of a poster. In this regard, the “Patriot” poster is ingenious. Can not be described as not mind. When you look at the poster, you can find that in the background of gradually blurring, there are a group of unobservable and fuzzy characters. They either walk or stand upright and have different airs and are almost integrated with the dead branches of snowfields. The protagonist of the center of the poster is deliberately using excessively sharpening techniques. The background characters do the opposite and do the blurring. They create the effect of focusing one person and seeing beings. This is also consistent with the character-building concept of the "Patriot" combination of points: In addition to the main characters Song Yanqiao, Shu Yi, and the special agent Yinggaku Longichiro, the "Patriot" also has crazy mad CCP agents "Zeiako". The prolific chivalrous girl is “dark and dark”, the enthusiasm student “Ding Kang”, the tough humorous assistant “Dao Yu Er” and other supporting characters. Each of them has a distinct personality and constitutes a vivid and rich “Patriot”. Full of human emotions.

The inexhaustible righteousness poured out from the blood, the silent love of wartime love in sight, the army provoked by one, and the patriotic sonority of all living beings... The poster designer deconstructed "patriotic" from different perspectives with four posters. The theme of the artist allows viewers to predict a brilliant audio-visual journey from the tip of the iceberg that exposed the poster: "Patriot" has a "Heroic Blood" of war dramas, "Moving Warmth" with love films, and spies. The "heartbeat stimuli" of the war dramas also has the "marketplace humanity" of the group drama. Thousands of sights are on the horizon. It is the charm of the posters and the charm of the “Patriot” drama elaborated behind the poster. In addition, the final completion and presentation of the posters also conveyed the working attitude and professionalism of the “Patriots” team behind the scenes. While demonstrating the overall quality of the “Patriot”, the audience is waiting for their expectations.


Plot into the soul: Tell us something about "Binging and not bending the hero's ridge" with the American drama narrative.

"Patriot" with magnificent brushstrokes, shows a bit of a patriotic group of people like a group, which puts high demands on the setting of the plot and the promotion of the rhythm. In order to avoid the lengthy sensation caused by the straight line narrative, "Patriot" divided the overall plot into three major stages: "Prison situation", "Emigration", "Ice and Snow Warriors", and opened up three plots: prison, military, and snow. position. The thrilling and suspicious dark fights, the evenly matched opposition, the stratified progressive drama structure, and the no-nonsense narrative technique create a beautiful drama-style drama experience, which is believed to bring unique appeal to the younger TV drama market. force.

At the same time, the "Patriot" as a TV drama with a large number of characters and lively characters is a big test for the actors' acting skills. When Zhang Hongyi, the red power actor, led the soulful figure of Song Yongqiao and Yan Hongguang in the play. Since joining the group, Zhang Luyi has performed many characters with high popularity and complex character in TV series of various themes: the soft and courageous Shanghai resident Xu Tian in “ red ”, the sinister and extraordinarily high level in “ FireWire three brothers ” Director Gao Mu, Qi Jianjun, a “ big shot student” in “ A servant two main ”, a deceased chief bizhongliang in “ sparrow ”, and a brutal “flower ogre” in “ He came, please close your eyes. ” Xie Tao... No matter whether it is the resistance of the Republic of China or the urban emotions, Zhang Luyi is very familiar with them, and both have left a deep impression on the audience. This time, Zhang Luyi will again challenge a new role in the "Patriot" that has gradually changed from a solo-type agent to a leader of the team - legendary hero Song Yanqiao, although this is a tough character that Zhang Luyi has never interpreted. He also put forward different requirements from the past, but he believes that with his rich experience in shaping characters and his dedication to the quality of his work, he will certainly be able to demonstrate the distinction between characters and the sense of growth of the characters.

Counting on Zhang Luyi's past works, "red" has a score of 9.2 on Watercress, ranking No. 1 in domestic TV dramas, and an average rating of 1.82% for "sparrow". This is the first annual network broadcast with over 10 billion spyware. In the play series, Zhang Luyi successively won the best supporting actor nomination for the Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award in 2016 and 2017 for her outstanding performances of "Xie Xi" and "Bi Zhongliang." In addition, he is also very prominent in the performance of the film, starring in his movie "Dedicated to the dedication of the suspect x" box office results of more than 400 million, monopolizing the domestic box office of suspicious inference movie first. Therefore, Zhang Luyi's performance and reputation in the film and TV drama market are also obvious to all.

The girl in the "Patriots" Shu Yi was awarded the "19th China Tripod Award for Best Actress Award" and "The 28th China TV Golden Eagle Award for the Actress Award" by Liya for " Ordinary world ". Tong appeared. From " Jade Palace Lock Heart " in the early days of innocence, the late black belly "in plain words," to " BeiJingLoveStory " the gentle and strong "Shen Bing"; from " Weaned Jiaoman willful" in "Joker Xue", to In " KUBA QIAOMA ", the deviant "Huang Xiaoying"; from " Knife Hakka Woman ", the bold "Goldi", to "Ordinary world" seemingly docile, but actually stubborn "Tian Run Ye", Liya Tong played one by one Constantly breaking through the role of self, his body is both reserved for classical and lively sweetness, and it is highly compatible with the bright and firm female Lord Shu in "Patriot".

In addition to fit actors and roles, Liya Tong drama starring "Jade Palace Lock Heart", " obstetrician ", " LianLianBuWang " During the broadcast, respectively 2,52%, 1.96%, 1.28% of average performance ratings Become the champion of the CSM50 City Satellite TV, and as one of the most favored actresses of the Dragon TV, TOP10, Liya Tong has a very high star rate on the TV lineup. In terms of movies, BeijingLoveStory and DetectiveChinTang , starring Liya Tong, have received 400 million and 800 million box office sales, respectively, and gained wide audience ratings among the audience. It can be seen that Liya Tong's TV dramas and film works have always been on the way to the top of the screen, box office and word of mouth.


Produced into the heart: traditional media, new media, a broadcast of a "death to fight against the soul"

When there are no heroes, more heroes are needed. Our era has been too far away from the battlefield full of smoke and sacrifice, and it is too far away from the so-called true faith and heroic spirit. Therefore, we need a brave and courageous hero to help us remember history and rejuvenate our spirit. "Patriot" is such a work. Hailin Wang, a famous screenwriter who has built many national-level phenomenon dramas, devoted himself to the preparation of the “Patriot” script for five years, hoping to create a hero image that is even different; “National Top Ten Producers” and a large-scale repertoire Dong Jun, who has excellent control, served as the producer of “Patriot”; Gong Zhaohui, a member of the China Television Artists Association and known as the “geek”, directed the entire process for “Patriot”. It is reported that the "Patriot" also selected the industry's first-class art, photography, clothing modeling team, in order to perfectly reproduce the "war soul" escort. A powerful behind-the-spot team composed of big coffee people joined forces and vows to create a "Great Quality Play of the Year" for the "Patriot".

In addition, the "Patriot" will use the "strong landing, network station linkage" release model: the first-line platform to broadcast strong, including cutting-edge audience ratings; video-end platform followed, to attract new topics in the network of people. Let the traditional media lay the foundation for the new media, and in turn rely on new media to create momentum for traditional media. I believe this model will certainly create a great viewing prospect for the “Patriot”.

"Who am I? The country is going to die. Can I still be me? I don't be a slave." As the new poster floats on the black and white background, it is particularly striking on the red. The protagonist Song Yanqiao is going through a prison match The silent self-reflection issued during the shadow war and the loss of the enemy in the snowfield is doomed to become more emotional. This is exactly the original intention of the creation of the "Patriot": With a full of passion, let the hero speak in a new era and let the audience hold on to the belief.

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