Lei Kang' identity reversal of the "Patriot" is back on the line and then the protagonist Yan Hongguang

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Recently, the Zhang Luyi , Liya Tong , Lei Kang starred in fourteen years to the war as the background, and the brightest Patriots fought against the enemy's blood big drama " The Patriot " is in Jiangsu TV hit. Such a main theme of anti-war drama TV series, with its full and powerful character modeling and exciting twists and turns of the plot, the beginning of the broadcast quickly boarded the top of the TV topic list, in gaining the reputation of the audience at the same time, the ratings have also reached new heights.

Hou Xiao played by Lei Kang at the beginning of the plot and the protagonist Song Yanqiao tit for tat, and with the development of the story, this once the prison tyrants, unpredictable character Hou Xiaotian exactly where to go, hanging enough appetite for the audience.

Lei Kang "Patriot" Incarnation Prison Fighter Zhang Luyi

In the previous “Patriot” plot, Song Yanqiao, who was lurking in prison to save his life, ran into a Li-Zhi, and the evil prison chief Hou Xiaotian could have been holding a cold sweat. Many of Lei Kang's and Zhang Luyi's opponents' plays are also very exciting. From the very beginning, Hou Xiaotian’s “Shantou is called the boss, the fancy abuser”, later helped the Japanese to monitor Song Yanqiao and then later escaped with Song Yanqiao, After the jailbreak failed, “wittyness” turned against water, and Hou Xiaotian, played by Lei Kang, was simply “the end of the routine”. However, although Hou Xiaotian has many shortcomings in his personality, it also allows us to see the complexity and reality of human nature. It is very commendable in such a heroic drama.

Challenge yourself to break through the image

The actor Lei Kang also demonstrated superb acting in Hou Xiaotian's role: the right-to-be-speaking Northeastern dialect, the nuanced and subtle expression, and the ultra-fast speed of changing face. Lei Kang's acting continues to be full of the soul of the "Hou Xiaotian" corner, and ultimately to the viewer to present this alternative, flesh and blood hero.

In the latest airing drama series, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Hou Kang, who was played by Lei Kang, had already “recruited” from the prison to the identity of bandits. After the reversal, Hou Xiaotian and Yan Hongguang met again. Relatively strong, sparks overflowing. Then in the latter part of the plot, Hou Xiaotian will be reverted several times, fighting side by side with the protagonist. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of the next Lei Kang!

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