Lei Kang "Patriot" bloody ending Hou Xiaotian generously went to death netizens tears

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Since the launch of the anti-Japanese TV drama " Patriot " starring Zhang Luyi , Liya Tong and Lei Kang , the ratings have been rising since the launch of Jiangsu Satellite TV, and the network response is also very popular. With its powerful characters and exciting twists and turns, the play composes a heroic chapter of the patriots who fought bravely against the enemy in the fourteen-year war of resistance. Among them, Lei Kang played Hou Xiaotian, who changed from a bandit to an anti-Japanese warrior, and the growth of his characters touched people's hearts. In this episode, Hou Xiaotian’s death for the country and his generosity to death made the drama ushered in a climax, shocking the plot and exquisite acting and attracting countless netizens.

In this burning essay "Patriot", Hou Xiaotian's appearance as the "anti-routing" exists, from the hegemony of the hegemony to the anti-Japanese warrior, from the attitude of mercenary to the emotion of the nationality, the growth and character of Hou Xiaotian The traits have caused countless netizens to be "heartfelt". In the play, Hou Xiaotian's appearance is fierce and arrogant, and I am the only one, Zhang Luyi in the prison; the middle-class self-organizing CP, and the strength of the 媳 媳 媳 缨 缨 缨 绎 绎 绎 绎 绎 实力 实力 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; The inner feelings of the homeland, with a passion and tenacity, stepped into the anti-Japanese battlefield, and grew into a bloody heroic and patriotic warrior with a role to play. In the end, he and the mother-in-law both stepped on the road of no return and went for the country. The end of the death is also really sad and sad.

In this episode, Hou Xiaotian said goodbye to everyone in the crazy tears of countless audiences, leaving the atmosphere of sadness that the drama can't scatter. In the play, the relationship between Hou Xiaotian and Song Yanqiao and the short-term relationship between the teacher and the student, and the relationship between the husband and the wife, make him a man full of true love. Feeling incomparably true, perhaps the character has experienced growth and leapfrogging before and after, but Hou Xiaotian’s sincerity to his family and friends has never changed. This is also the reason why Hou Xiaotian touched people's hearts. In the final scene, Hou Xiaotian went to death in abundance, and the abuse of his acting skills earned the audience’s tears. Many netizens lamented “distressed Hou Xiaotian”.

In the play, the control of Hou Xiaotian’s personality trait is derived from the same “extraordinary feelings” of Lei Kang and Hou Xiaotian. He said, “I found my personality and Hou Xiaotian’s personality and successfully completed the role. ". The northwestern man Lei Kang collided with the northeastern bandit Hou Xiaotian, and the simple and emotional side of his character was undoubtedly revealed. In private, he was not only hired as the ambassador of anti-drug in Qinghai Province, but also practiced public welfare and assumed public figures. Responsibility and obligations. With the departure of Hou Xiaotian, fans have hoped that Hou Kang, who lives outside the house of happiness, can have a peaceful life and look forward to the "Patriot", which will be starred by Lei Kang and will be in July. On the 3rd, landing on Anhui Satellite TV's " Marriage Adventures ", I hope to witness Lei Kang's outstanding performance again.

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