Chun li schemyi sun jiarong lv

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Linkeddb News October 5 I have to say, there have been a lot of excellent films and TV series this year, such as the first half of the TV series. If life meets you "And the summer season's burning" Story of Yanxi Palace ","Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace"And the current hit"Liang sheng, can we not be sad"And so on, the casting of the play is just right, the characters live. And this year's films are pretty good, with" Dying to Survive "," Unparalleled It's a good production. Here's a look at the actors who lead these productions: Chun Li , Yi Sun , Jiarong Lv , Zhang Jingchu .

1. Chun Li schemyi Sun water spirit Jiarong Lv gives a glimpse. JPG

Villain specialist Chun Li reappears the scheming imperial concubine

Chun Li is described as a "villain professional", because there are too many villains! But there's no denying that she's a real baddie, and she can do it very well. Take Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, which was popular recently, for example, her scheming villain made the audience feel itchy with their teeth.

2. Villain professional Chun Li reappears scheming imperial concubine. JPG

Yi Sun shuiling xiuqi can not block the pure temperament

Yi Sun is generally recognized as the goddess of temperament, with beautiful face, big eyes and smart, pure temperament, sending out a sense of youth. In the recent hit "Liang sheng, can we not be sad," Yi Sun plays the positive, optimistic and independent Mr. Jiang. In the play, her makeup is very light, white skin, very watery. Her long hair was freely unbound, with style, although it has become a spicy mother, but still can not block her pure temperament.

3. Yi Sun's delicate and delicate nature cannot be withstood. JPG

Jiarong Lv gives a glimpse of net friend: heartache

If life meets you shows me the true charm of Jiarong Lv. Jiarong Lv plays min hongyu in "If life meets you", which really gives the audience a glimpse of the beauty and elegance of the retro style. Wearing a qipao, Jiarong Lv's figure is even more graceful. Meanwhile, she also has an exquisite heart, which gives the audience a strong sense of substitution. Many audiences expressed that they were taken into the play by her, and they fell in love with her immediately.

4. Jiarong Lv gives a glimpse of netizen: heartthrob. JPG

Zhang Jingchu returns to power

If you to Zhang Jingchu still stays in the "disciples", then you must have to go to the cinema to see "Unparalleled", Zhang Jingchu burst of acting is back! Zhang Jingchu plays in movie "Unparalleled" RuanWen, will "amorous feelings show incisively and vividly, especially the scene of" a tearful smoking "meaningful, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. At this time, the cigarette did not bring her a little pleasure, but felt the deep frustration and pain. Few actors could make the best of this artistic conception, which Zhang Jingchu did. "Unparalleled" don't miss, and Zhang Jingchu more don't miss!

JPG Zhang Jingchu returns in style

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