“ unparalleled ”zhang jingchu tearful smoking" fistsofdragons raquel laughing cry

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Linkeddb News October 3 Currently, bona film group has the highest reputation and rating among the most popular cinema films in National Day. Felix Chong Directed,Chow Yun - fat, Aaron Kwok , Zhang Jingchu , Wenjuan Feng Starring in the crime action film Unparalleled ", which was also released by bona film studio last year Wong Jing , Jason Kwan Directed, Donnie Yen , Andy Lau , Kent Cheng , Philip Keung , Raquel And so on FistsofDragons Even better.

In port of weak period, FistsofDragons and create reputation best "Unparalleled" for two consecutive years, again and again in movie also tell the audience: Hong Kong, breathe in, and that in addition in the two films are double male Lord lead, wanted to fight for the main line, from each other to share life and death, are also escaped the gang vendettas, across the fraught with danger, but because the team members contradictions, end up in lordaeron.

In addition, in the two films have such a memorable female characters, small part can touches your soul, in the film "the Unparalleled," Zhang Jingchu plays in the game and how the adventure, Guo Wei first crime wits RuanWen, especially the tearful fragments of smoking, eyes they will repent of drug addicts is helpless and deductive incisively and vividly.

Zhang Jingchu's acting skills were so powerful that his eyes were dim with tears. He also had no pressure to compete with actors like Chow yun-fat and Aaron Kwok. His performance was highly praised. Also in the film FistsofDragons, Raquel plays a rose who is adopted by the lame hao since she was a child, and is also the rose who goes undercover next to raylow when she grows up. She vividly portrays an affectionate and meaningful female character. At the end of the film, rose died to save the lame hao "laughing and crying", which made her tears collapse in a moment with a poignant and beautiful smile.

'FistsofDragons' Raquel laughs and cries. JPG

Raquel's brilliant portrayal of rose in such a complex role gives viewers a glimpse of women's love, love and fate in a contemporary setting, and even actors like Donnie Yen and Andy Lau can play it well. In these two highly representative Hong Kong films, ruan wen (played by Zhang Jingchu) and rose (played by Raquel) are just like the pen of gold. They make the finishing touch for the suspense degree and tear-inducing effect of these two films and become indispensable characters of soul.

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