MyRunningShadow' Zhang Jingchu Interprets Wenrun Maternal Love over 17 Years

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The warmth movie " MyRunningShadow ", which will be released on January 16, today exposed the ultimate trailer and the ultimate poster. A warm- hearted story about single mothers and children suffering from Asperger's Syndrome will soon reach the big screen. In the trailer, Zhang Gui-fang plays Tian Jing-fang to give her a complete maternal love for the maintenance of Asperger's Syndrome and to give up her job. She gave up her love, and for 17 years, Tian Gui-Fang carried her weak shoulders Played a family burden. Simple and touching story, mild warmhearted acting, the movie will be maternal love gentle and selfless show most vividly. At the same time posters echoed the trailer of the feelings of maternal love context, one of which is wrapped in a colorful world, the mother found the iron in the chest and gently comfort each other, not the slightest irritability and over-blame, and the other One is full of endless imagination, the child was wrapped in warm light, because of this protection, he imagined the world around.

Encounter autism in the color world is not the entire label of the film

MyRunningShadow is a story about the relationship between a single mother, Tian Guifang, and a son of Asperger's syndrome (autism). Although the film focuses on straightening autism, autism is not the full tag of the film. Director Gangliang Fang said in an interview: "When filming did not deliberately render Asperger syndrome, as a gimmick, in fact, I would like to express a pair of ordinary mother and child, how to establish communication and exchange. The film did not deliberately seized autism tragedy sympathetic, not self-pity, but rather hope to shape the colorful world of autistic patients from the positive, tell the warmth of mother and child get along, just quietly elaborated the warmth of maternal love And great. Mother love is the emotion most wanted to express in this movie.


Zhang Jingchu acting broke out across 17 years Su Yan interpretation of single mothers

In the film, Zhang Jingchu full appearance actress broke out, more than 17 years portrait interpretation of autistic children's mother. For Zhang Jingchu, who is unmarried and not pregnant, the challenge of deducing a single mom is great, and her mother, who interprets an autistic child, will perform more demanding performance, so Zhang Jingchu did it before she started Considerable preparation. Director Gangliang Fang said: "In order to better interpret this role, Zhang Jingchu advance into groups to communicate with children with autism, to the greatest extent possible, the perfect interpretation of a strong and independent mother." In the interpretation of Zhang Jingchu, Tian Guifang's forbear, However, Zhang Jingchu also won the 29th China Golden Rooster Awards with the help of Tian Guifang, the 21st Beijing University Film Festival and the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival Film Channel Media Award for Best Actress nomination. These awards are the affirmation of Zhang Jingchu, the affirmation of Tian Guifang and the affirmation of maternal love.

Five years of precipitation late but won the love

MyRunningShadow was originally scheduled to be released in June 2013. However, due to reasons such as the termination of the contract with the original issuing company and the late cost of making the announcement, delays have not been able to meet with the audience. During the five-year period, "MyRunningShadow" was nominated 29 times in various film festivals around the world, nominated for various awards at the Film Festival, and won eight awards. In the large and small industry in the film, the industry are expressed on the film a high degree of appreciation. Zhao Baohua , vice president of the Chinese Society for the Study of Film and Literature, believes that "MyRunningShadow" seems easy to understand in simple terms, but gives a lot of visual impact and thoughts. "The first is a distinctive movie; the second is a very talented movie And the third is an expressive movie. "With the support and encouragement of many industry professionals, producer Ding Wenjian decided the film was officially released on January 16, 2018.

MyRunningShadow was late for five years, but for the past five years, it has won the support and encouragement of many filmmakers. She has also shown the sincere affection of maternal love in all areas that the movie has gone through.

MyRunningShadow was produced by Jiangsu Zhongdao Yingye Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Northern and southern China Pilot Film and Television Communication Co., Ltd., with Tian Zhuangzhuang as artistic director, producer Hou Keming , director Gangliang Fang, Ding Wenjian as producer, Zhang Jingchu, Pinxu Long , Alex Lai, Tonghui Wang , Kwok Keung Cheung (Hong Kong) and others. The film is officially scheduled file January 16, 2018 warm heart release, so stay tuned.


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