Danger! the debut of “changan twelve hour” teases jackson's steadiness.

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Linkeddb News October 17

 Changan twelve hour first announced Jackson Jiayin Lei Hard air burst screen & PE;

Starring Jackson and Jiayin Lei, the large-scale ancient costume suspense culture drama Changan twelve hour After shooting, the first video materials of the series were released today, and the first pilot trailer for the first season of "wei qi" was released. In the trailer, a crisis of the tang dynasty is emerging every second, and the dynamic characters of leading roles Jackson and Jiayin Lei are exposed for the first time. One is composed and upright, while the other is tough and tough, with different characters but unified painting style. After watching the trailer, many netizens expressed their affirmation and expectation: "Changan twelve hour's food is finally here! The trailer is too fast to blink! Looking forward to the combination of jiaxi to save chang 'an!"

"Changan twelve hour" by Ma Boyong Adapted from the book, Jiang Chaoliang As a producer, Dun Cao Directed by youku.com, youku.com cooperated with the production of microfilm era, libai film and television, yuyue film and saren media. It is reported that in order to satisfy the audience's demand experience of "binge-watching" to the greatest extent, the show will adopt the real overseas season broadcasting mode, and will be divided into three seasons to meet the audience. The first season will be launched on youku video at the end of 2018.

 The first season's leading trailer is very tough & NBSP; The pace of crisis is fast enough to "not blink"

& have spent The story of "Changan twelve hour" is set in the third year of tang tianbao, the imperial capital of shangyuan festival, chang 'an. Behind all the prosperity of the song and dance lies a crisis that devours everything -- kidnapping, assassination, flame, burning of the city, and all the hopes of saving chang 'an are only one condemned prisoner who is about to be beheaded and only 12 short hours.

The first season of the trailers released as "wei qi," which means "crisis beginning." Based on the character of "danger", the trailer intersperses the dangerous and stimulating martial arts and the surging literary works with the dramatic music rhythm. The whole process is high-energy, hard gas bursting, and the male hormone extraordinary causes the audience to feel the pulse in a short time.

The trailer for video begins with a picture of the unkempt, scrubbed face of the condemned prisoner, Jiayin Lei. And the man who risks letting the prisoner go is none other than Henry lee (Jackson), the chief executive of jingan. Why would a prisoner be released? What on earth happened in changan city? The trailer, which contains all kinds of mysteries, was highly informative and rated by the audience. "if you are distracted for a while, you may not be able to understand it, but you can watch it all at once and it really beats the addiction."


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 Jackson "mature as a young person" is a young person. Jiayin Lei "five yan luo" image breakthrough

In addition to the mystery of the tang dynasty crisis, the appearance and performance of the main characters in the drama, also become the focus of attention.

In the trailer, Jackson's own "juvenile mature fan" fits well with the character's "juvenile mature" temperament. Wearing hair afternoon clasp, the hand holds the dawn dust, between the eyes the air is henghang, jing an si si si prime minister li yan on appear, take the sense of justice awe-inspiring. In the face of the crisis, li gai was resolute and resolute. Even in the face of the pressure like a flood, li gai will hire a prisoner on death row. Although young, Jackson has been awarded the first prize in the drama, in this interpretation of the characters, he used a clean and pure way of acting, showing his youthful vigor! A netizen commented, "the qinggaoxue of li gai is composed, and the killing decision of li gai can be seen from Jackson, really juvenile!"

"Unrecognized" is the first impression of Jiayin Lei in video! Zhang xiaojing, a fierce and poisonous prisoner with high risk and irreverence, was known as "five yan luo". Jiayin Lei is seen in the trailer as the "action figure" of the show, tracking the struggle along the way. A close - body melee that moves and jumps, yes! Dangerous and tense eaves run cool, have! Horse-drawn left and right, yes! The audience is infected by Jiayin Lei's breakthrough, feeling the thrill of life on the line, and the sense of being in danger. "never seen Jiayin Lei like this! At this moment he is not ex-husband's brother, is not lu Ming, is not Jiayin Lei, is zhang xiaojing!"

In addition, a lot of characters in the play also show their faces. Alien religious dragon wave ( Yiwei Zhou With the mystery of "guillehudo," he leaves the audience feeling gloomy, crazy and paranoid. The sinister and frightening "human traffickers", Djimon Hounsou He zhizhang ( Tongsheng Han (yao runeng, a frank and impetuous petty official ( Fangsheng Lu (alessandro), the astute maid of the court ( Rayza The owner's daughter ( Herun Wang ), the grim killer fish intestine ( Yuan Li ), and they are all memorable for the audience.

 Chang 'an's dilemma does not break the "Internet thinking" type of film showcasing Chinese drama style

& have spent Capital exits, tax policy adjustments, a number of blockbuster effect did not meet expectations, this year, the cold winter mood in the film and television industry is spreading. In the face of the "dilemma" of the winter of film and television, "Changan twelve hour" is determined to make a new type of suspense action film in the market through the stylized male perspective.

One of the highlights of "Changan twelve hour" is the Internet thinking genre. Based on Ma Boyong's novel of the same name, the play has been endowed with a strong flavor of "Internet thinking" since the beginning of the story, which includes various elements such as suspense, reasoning, conspiracy, case detection and culture, and achieves the effect of blending historical facts and suspense reasoning. Based on genre characteristics, the Changan twelve hour "selection is given priority to with" hard "style, focus on the style men play, story can be said to be" three men lead ", focusing on the present crisis atmosphere, the fierce fighting, male hormones, such as less feminine elements and emotional narrative line, build a magnificent hale costume suspenseful action genre.

Jiang Chaoliang, producer of the series, said, "we hope to make Changan twelve hour a super series with Chinese characteristics, and use it to spread Chinese culture to the world." Let's expect more from Changan twelve hour.

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