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Yuan Li

Yuan Li


  • Famale
  • Cancer
  • 173
  • 1984-07-04
  • Beijing China
Yuan Li, born on July 4, 1984 in Beijing, China Mainland actress and model. In 2011 as the movie version of "struggle" in Yang Xiaoyun, starred in the 2012 TV series "Wild Pigeon" female first Chen Xiaomin, 2015 starred in comic book adaptation of the same name as Bearton comic book a comedy comedy movie! Cancer Jun "female No. two summer dream, the same year was the star of the year Star Fashion show annual most potential actress award. In 2016, Yuan Li starred in the urban wonderful comedy "Mr. High Heels" starring Lu Ke, Du Jiang, Fiona Sit, and Yu Xin Tian. The documentary was released on 2.12. In the same year, the movie "Xiu Chun Dao Shu Luo Battlefield" starred in April. , Participating in the fantasy costume drama "Legend of the cloud where the" broadcast. September 7, 2016, with "get out! Cancer Jun "won the 20th Huading Award for Best Supporting Actress Award; July 2017, the movie" embroidered spring knife: Shura battlefield "release; October, the film" meet Manhattan "release, as the designer Fang Hong.

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