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Dun Cao

Dun Cao


  • Male
  • Capricorn
  • 1972-01-12
  • Xi'an, Shaanxi
Dun Cao, born January 12, 1972 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China Mainland director, screenwriter and director of photography. In 2000, together with Wang Hailin, Cheng Yong together as the plot film "I am awesome" screenwriter, formally entered the film and television drama industry. In 2001, Teng Huatao directed youth inspirational movie "100" as a photography guide. In 2003, by the Republic of China love drama "Golden Powder Family" as photography. In 2008, she was the screenwriter and photographer of the home-based emotional drama "Wang Gui and Anna", and won the 15th Shanghai TV Festival Best Screenplay Nomination by virtue of the drama. In 2009, once again with writer six six, director Teng Huatao co-writer urban home drama "dwelling" and served as a photographic guide. In 2011, he directed the urban emotional television drama "The Age of Naked Marriage", starring Yao Wendi and other articles. It was Dun Cao's first TV series directed by the director. In the same year, he served as a director of photography for the movie "Lovelorn 33 Days" The 49th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards were nominated for the Best Photography Award; in 2012, the independent TV drama "Pediatrics" was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV; in 2014, the first Youth Inspirational Anti-Japanese War "graduation song" landed on Jiangsu Satellite TV; 2015 Years, directed costume magic theme drama "Sea animalia in mind."

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