Big S Jiaojiao: How can you leave me without a word?

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Big S spoiled: How can you leave me without a word?

In the intimate relationship observation program "Happiness Trio" which was exclusively broadcasted by Tencent Video last night, three groups of regular guests Barbie Hsu (Big S) Xiaofei Wang and Qinqin Jiang Chen Jianbin and Fuyuan Aijiang Hong Jeff Wadlow were all brilliant. This program takes a close-up view of the married couple's married life in a new perspective. During the recording of the program, three pairs of stars of different ages and different styles will fade away from the aura of the camera. In the house prepared by the program group, the husband and wife will live alone, and the rice and oil will be plain.



In the program, Da S and her husband Xiaofei Wang are paying close attention to everyone's daily life. Big S is such a gentle and soft person in life. Xiaofei Wang didn't say anything to the toilet. Big S went back and forth to find her husband, and spoiled. Say, "Where you go, don't tell me, I'm afraid~" and discussed this house with Xiaofei Wang. "This house is beautiful, but it must be terrible at night." The audience couldn't help but ask "horrible? What is terrible?" When Big S is afraid of ghosts, only Xiaofei Wang knows that she is saying hi. Have to feel that this is the tacit understanding between husband and wife!



Usually Xiaofei Wang and Big S are also intimately interacting on Weibo, frequently spreading dog food.



After the show aired, Xiaofei Wang said, “The wife just lost her third baby, and her body is still weak. I have to cook rice balls, sushi, and accompany me to the outing. After the second episode, I will slowly recover. This program allows us to quickly get out of the sadness, to get along with each other to cherish each other's time alone. It is not easy to be a woman, it is not easy to be a mother... It is not easy to be a Beijing straight man's wife." Everyone broke down. In the original program, Xiaofei Wang repeatedly failed to get his hands. He couldn’t get his wife’s point, invited his wife to sunbath, refused, and refused to eat. He sent the proposition “Will you regret it?” One question to Xiaofei Wang, what exactly will Xiaofei Wang respond to? Let us find the answer in the "Happiness Trio".


The three couples in the show are usually very low-key people. Nowadays, Big S and Xiaofei Wang have been married for many years. The family of four, one child and one daughter, have a happy life. Xiaofei Wang has a successful career and has such a virtuous wife. Netizens who were not optimistic about the marriage of the two people also lamented that "there is a wife, why do you ask for it?"

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