Little s xiaofei wang goes crazy and shows his true feelings in one sentence.

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The word "contend for favor" is commonly seen frequently in ancient costume court dramas, but a variety show recently also staged a "struggle for favor" for the audience. The intimate relationship reality show, the trio of happiness, has been aired for several episodes and has been well received by the audience. This week, one of the couple was big SXiaofei WangThere will be a guest. Big S's sister will spend two days and nights in theXiaofei Wangcouple's cottage.



Big S and little S are sisters. They are very beautiful and similar. The two sisters were very close and very close. Big S and little S also hosted TV programs in Taiwan together, and little S's three births were accompanied by his sister big S. In addition, little S also expressed his love for you on a variety show.


The two sisters, who have been inseparable from each other since they grew up, have had a romantic rival, Xiaofei Wang, since her sister S got married. Big S andXiaofei Wanghave not lived in a world of two people for several years. However, not long after this world of two people's lives, they have welcomed little S to the happy trio. Xiaofei and her brother-in-law, Xiaofei Wang, have been locked in a "war of love" ever since they called. "Why did your sister call again?" said Wang.



The "war for affection" between the two has continued from the phone to the home. Big S and little S are inseparable and have a very good sisterly relationship. To what extent the two were so good, big S's words revealed their true feelings. When the little S at home asks: "where do you sleep?" big S says directly: "you sleep with me, my husband sleeps on the sofa." From this, we can see that she is really a good sister.


In the program, big S asked why the cat was called "milk".Summer's". Hearing the answer from little S, big S said happily that little S was "so smart".


Xiaofei Wang can't sit still and wait to be killed when she sees the two of them talking about love and affection. While his wife was cooking, she praised his wife and kissed big S.Xiaofei Wangand xiao S are very funny. What else will the two of them do to keep up with daily life? Keep watching the happy trio!



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