Xiaofei Wang:' think about who is abnormal.

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Two episodes of the intimate relationship reality show, the trio of happy couples, have attracted viewers' attention with their different ways of getting along. Along with the broadcast of the program, three couples are also power circle fans. At the same time, there are also some negative voices in the circle, for example, big S was ridiculed by some netizens for being too sensitive and crying low.





On the evening of July 12, big S's husband was mocked by some netizens for his performance in the happy trioXiaofei WangWeibo response, positive open hatred, strength pet wife.Xiaofei Wangin weibo, said: "all of a sudden found that seems to be some message friends are women to do household chores, want to please their man, as I say, even then a charming a question were abnormal in front the husband like a son to cry. Think about who is abnormal, and a normal relationship is one that should make your woman happy, coquetry, and be tested once in a while. When it comes to gender equality, put yourself in a position of equality.


"I'm not targeting keyboarders,"Xiaofei Wangsaid in the comments. If she gives birth to two children in marriage, she pays a lot, but she is not allowed to cry, she is not allowed to ask her husband for praise, she has to do housework, she has to pretend to laugh every day and take care of the children. Oneself man should be outside everyday dinner party, alleged career has success. What values are these? There seems to be a lot of them."


"Xiaofei Wang is a man! ", "real name to Beijing men thumb up" and envy big S live to become every girl want appearance.



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