Xiaofei Wang' is a happy family!

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Xiaofei Wang Sun pictures sweet peppers big S family happiness peaks early on July 18,Xiaofei Wangon weibo drying out of the family of four is illuminated, and the sweet peppers hsu: "a few old photos, fung. The dumplings made by my wife are really delicious. In the photo,Xiaofei Wangcradles her daughter and cuddles with her wife, S. And big S is also very virtuous for the husbandXiaofei Wanghand-made dumplings, the picture of the family together is very happy, it is too much love!




Xiaofei Wang and big S have received a lot of attention since they appeared on the intimate relationship reality show the trio of happiness. Netizens who watched the show lamented that Xiaofei Wang, once one of the "four little boys in Beijing", has become a wife-loving monster. In the face of the outside world to question his wife's remarks, it is also the maintenance of the text, showing a man's responsibility.





In those days,Xiaofei Wangand big S only met for 20 days and decided to get married four times. When the news came out, many netizens were shocked. "love at first sight" and "flash marriage" turned from literary works to reality. When two people are four years apart "asked" eight months of marriage at one point, a lot of people bad-mouthing the marriage, pronounced said they hold "3 years", however, say on a whim, big S hate to marry.


Today, the two have been married together for several years, from 2010 to 2011. The marriage between the two has never been valued and now everyone envies it. The picture of the family of four is also full of happiness. Now big S is old, but he has lived the best.




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