I stand on the bridge to see the scenery' will broadcast Jiang Chao Sierra Lee guarding warm heart love

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Idol drama "I see the scenery on the bridge" will be January 23 mango TV premiere. About the game president Zhang Zhenglan exhausted 18 classes Kung Fu, with love and companion to resolve Kendo coach Xiaoguanguang old love hurting story. "Look at the scenery" exposes the ultimate poster of "City of Cure", the overall tone is upside down city's cool colors, gradually changing into the warm colors of the protagonist seat on the bridge. The city of this cold cement monster driving people hurry, the protagonists are experiencing their own different circumstances and the past, but fortunately each heart can warm each other, tolerate each other's secrets, to heal each other's love, life 殇. Poster "123 more you" the text also promise to the audience promised January 23 warm start, not "more" does not loose.


To heal the predecessor, Jiang Chao Sierra Lee protects the warmth of love

The ultimate poster color cold and warm cross transition, upside down city, cold "cold", all this is Jiang Chao cross bar outside, look more self-evident "domineering exposed." Sierra Lee seems independent and arrogant, but physically hesitant to Jiang Chao, suggesting that the two love each other from the "heart", rely on each other, but also make posters overflowing with the slightest warm healing power.

In the play, Sierra Lee is a "frozen one second" passive skill traced by old affections and often refuses to go thousands of miles away. Jiang Chao, a loyal "dog lover," who loved her at first sight, has no fear of "frostbite, Under the sweet instead of "greasy" favorite trick of Jiang Chao, grim keen coach Sierra Lee gradually relieved his heart of defensiveness and ultimately salvaged himself from his lost heart.

To cure guilt, Hanchen Pang Ruixian He unveils her secrets

Hanchen Pang's posters draw the attention of the poster. He looks out of the side of his face and looks as if the camera in the "grim" Sierra Lee is different. Ruixian He sitting in front of Hanchen Pang, pure and sweet smile exudes warmth. Ruixian He's smile in the play is the key to opening the mind of Hanchen Pang.

Luo Zhi, a melancholy hacker from Hanchen Pang, carries a secret that is closely linked to Sierra Lee, so she can not express guilt. Ruixian He played the little princess Jiang Yu Ru, with a sunny smile warm everyone. Finally, Jiang Yu, "Little Sun" shine, Luo Chi slowly opened the secret mind, re-embracing the warmth.


" I stand on the bridge to see the scenery " poster

Heal the city, ease the warmth of the city before the people

With the rapid pace of urban life, people are increasingly tired, "look at the scenery" is the hope that with a refusal to "dog blood" and impetuous "slow sentiment" to pass down the burden on the audience to ease the idea of ​​living ahead . In order to "cure" as a starting point, by Zheng Zhang Lan dare Ganai pet, Xiao Shuiguang out of the main characters in the past, the main "pet" "growth," "Youth" and other positive energy core, in Winter served as the opening years of healing. Please lock the mango TV Every Tuesday, Wednesday 23rd, January 23, "I see the scenery on the bridge" update, together with the "more" to see the most beautiful scenery.

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