Where's Dad Going' is the fifth season being broadcast in the end who is playing tricks?

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Originally scheduled to broadcast on September 7 , " where is my father, " the fifth quarter of early still intense publicity, was suddenly called stopped! Even the official micro-updates also stay in the September 1 .

This makes a lot of unknown truth at a loss for melon people at a loss, it is said that according to the "Hunan Radio and Television Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the rectification of the circular" shows that Hunan Satellite TV "where is the father," there is excessive suspicion of Barbara Fei children, Is not conducive to the healthy growth of young people, so was stopped. Rectification situation is "in accordance with the requirements of SARFT canceled Hunan Satellite TV" Where is the Dad "program 2017 broadcast plan."

However, some sources said that in fact, as early as April last year, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television had issued a circular that it would direct and control the reality show from the aspects of the number of programs, the content of programs, the time of broadcasting, etc. In principle, The star children participate in the reality show. That is why, "Where is Daddy out" in the fourth quarter eventually transferred to mango TV, last October 14 premiere, this year, ending January 6.

And the fifth season of "where's the dad", only on mango TV and Youku on the air. Therefore, "where is my father," was stopped only interpretation error, stop broadcast refers to the Hunan TV stop-off broadcast on the new season, "where's the father go" did not affect the broadcast.


When the news came out, the Internet exploded. Some netizens think "all advertise for such a long time, and they will certainly broadcast." "Looking forward to broadcasting," "I really want to see where the father is going this season."

There is also a voice that "This is a means of speculation in Hunan Taiwan, I am afraid we are not concerned about the news to be broadcast," after all, have been propagandizing for so long, if you really do not broadcast Hunan Taiwan estimates early received the news, Will not wait until near the start of the burst broke the news that does not broadcast. And shoot a program will certainly need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and publicity, if the off-broadcast, then the loss of Mango Taiwan big gone, how proud the Mango Taiwan will tolerate it? !

And some users also photographed last night Deng Lun arrived at the recording airport photos, so everyone should be clear, are full of routines it!

See the village chief Li Rui (politician) that naughty little eyes, you know that it is okay to stop broadcasting, and wait and see!

This time, "where is my dad?" Is actually quite spectacular. Jiang Du and his son Hom, Wu Chun and two children, Will Liu and daughter Puff, Jordan Chan and son Jasper, dad Deng Lun.


Jordan Chan, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying married in 2010, and three years later gave birth to son Jasper (nicknamed Chenpi ), just under four years old this year. On August 16, Jordan Chan made a micro-blog confirming that Chenpi would record "Where's Daddy"? Chenpi is asleep and handsome and cute. This is the father and son of this season, "Dad wherever" celebrity father and son of the highest voice of a pair, many people want to see the Jordan Chan seems cool wild handsome, incarnation of Dad will be a god-like picture, will not Unexpected surprise brought everyone ~




Jiang Du and Wu Chun, who participated in another parent-child reality show titled "Daddy Comes Back", are numerous.

Wu Chun is the famous "slave of the child", his behavior is full of daddy style, every night when he is away from home and his children videos, spare time also often with a pair of children desert driving, holiday travel, try to participate in children Wu Chun, the super-dad, not only brought her daughter NeiNei, but also 4-year-old son Captain Max, Wu Chun, one of them taking care of two babies, can be handy and look forward to!



Let's talk about the Virgo in Moe Po Hom, Huh Huh is the son of Jiang Du and Huo Siyan , before the "Daddy came back" is called walking expression package, just an action can eruption of the people, The key is that he is naturally born with a love of clean love handsome beauty of the heart, found his face dirty, dirty clothes, immediately cried to protest. This time, huh, huh return to the king, the face of hard shooting and accommodation environment, huh, huh King how to deal with it?

Will Liu, Jay Chou Friends, famous creators. Now has three babies, this time, Will Liu will bring her daughter puffs debut parenting reality show, rely on the father + funny cute woman paper combination, properly drops eye drops.

Deng Lun, a rebellious rock youth in " Ode to Joy 2 " and a bohemian Xiao Ching in "Chouchun Chuan ", this time Deng Lun will become an internship dad, a reality TV show for the first time, and a challenge to the prime mova Dad's role.


And intern dad Deng Lun cooperation Meng baby called bamboo, formerly known as Ji Meiyi, because childhood love to eat bamboo is nicknamed hill bamboo. Hill bamboo is actually a network of red bud baby, from the northeast Shenyang , talking mouth full of northeast balm flavor, it is magic, variety sense super. Handsome father combined with Meng Mengzi Northeast, absolutely dazzling.

So, this time, "Dad where to go" in the end broadcast in the fifth quarter of Hunan Taiwan in order to gain attention to dig another pits or is it really Press and Publication SARFT determined to rectify the reality show, quickly see the outcome!

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