Ode to Joy 2(TV)[2017]
Ode to Joy 2(TV)[2017]
Ode to Joy 2(TV)[2017]

Ode to Joy 2(TV)[2017]

Episode: 55 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Tao Liu Rulu olivia More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jane Chuan 訸 Kaizhou Zhang Year: 2017
Writer: Zi Dan Yuan Genre: Modern | Urban | Emotions
Producer: Hong-liang Hou

《Ode to Joy 2》Episodes

New Year has come, happy floor, every one of the new problems also ensued: An Di (Tamia Liu) Bao YiFan (Yang Shuo ornaments) ushered in the new possibilities of emotion, but also from the life experience and the internal package Fan ShengMei (Xin Jiang ornaments) try to start a new life, but still difficult to escape from the mud of the family, Wang BaiChuan (Luyi Zhang ornaments) everywhere rely on every pressing; Qu XiaoXiao (Wang Ziwen ornaments) and Dr. Zhao ( Kai Wang) There is still a gap between the scores and the numbers. However, the seemingly stable family relations between Qu Jia and the artist seem to be in perilous situations. Qiu YingYing (Zi Yang) is unlucky and infatuated with Ying Qin (Hao Chen Wu) ; Guan JuEr (Bridgette Qiao ornaments) encounter rock youth Xie Tong (Deng Lun ornaments) fell in love, but was fierce parents opposition & nbsp ;. Five girls in the bump each other with care before, eventually, An Di and Bao YiFan come together to face and resolve the An Di life experience and package problems; Fan ShengMei gradually face up to me, family problems can be resolved and decided with Wang BaiChuan Shared the wind and rain; Qu XiaoXiao and Dr. Zhao learn to live in harmony and successfully save the brink of collapse of family relations; Qiu YingYing impressed by the truth Ying Qin, the two entered the marriage hall; Guan JuEr determined to uphold themselves and brave pursuit of love. Five girls work together to face life sharpen, further growth & nbsp ;.

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