13 years after Betty Sun and Peter Ho continue to hit the front door queen of the queen can make another miracle?

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After the 芈 month biography , finally waited for the new play of the empress! Is not looking forward to it?

Tonight, Nothing Gold Can Stay, a legendary drama starring Betty Sun , Chen Xiao , Peter Ho , Myolie Wu and Haoming Yu , will soon be broadcast on Oriental Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and Tencent Video.


Betty Sun out of the palace Gong this act is the generation of Qin Zhou, the richest woman in business, bid farewell to the "Empress and Girl", turned into a valiant female man, with the character's own words, "I am the city of Jingyang the most upbeat woman, love Show off, love Scrapped. "




We all know Betty Sun is a script, in recent years she has been a play for a year or two, although the production is not high, but she starred in the drama department are good reputation high ratings. This time the empress if it can create a miracle for the first time not to say, look at the show's lineup will not be worse.






Directed by director Ding Black , you may not be familiar with the name. But when it comes to talking about " Jade Goddess of Merit ", many people are familiar with it. Yes, the "Guanyin" of the year was also directed by Ding Black. It is also the play Betty Sun fame.


And not just with the director, but also with Betty Sun on the front line and old partner Peter Ho, the biggest reason why Peter Ho shot the show upright in previous interviews was with his old partner Betty Sun and Director Ding black again cooperation. "I'm grateful to the director for giving Mao and peace of mind another chance to make another comeback at another time and space." For the show, Peter Ho also presented a 20-year debut film debut who said: "I'm going to put this Dedicated to Betty Sun at once, Betty Sun's first show was also with me, this time. "


"Jade Guanyin" Mao Jie and peace of mind


"Nothing gold can stay" Wu hired and Zhou Ying

Unfortunately, this time, Betty Sun did not play a complete ending in the play with Peter Ho. Wu Ho, who is played by Peter Ho, is the "lead man" in the business empire of Zhou Ying (Betty Sun) And Zhou Ying between the more common sense of love and affection, Unfortunately, Wu hired early death.




After Wu Huan's death, Zhou Ying gradually picked up under the company of "friend" Shen Xing (Chen Xiao), but in the whirlpool of clan and chaos, there are still too many obstacles before them. Even if the half-life is full of thorns, she has always been mindful of the great cause of the nation, eventually becoming the richest woman in Qin merchants.




Not only is the cast, "Nothing gold can stay" light script creation time of up to 5 years, in order to truly restore Wu commercial empire prosperity, the cast specially built tens of thousands of square meters large studio, shooting across the national five A city. And art director of the show, but Academy Awards art director Timmy Yip (that is simply a master living in the movie world). Timmy Yip, however, seldom got artistic guidance for the TV dramas. Only Li Shaohong was the only one who invited Timmy Yip this time. The strength of the show was extraordinary.


It is also with the guidance of the master, the drama from the clothing color, decoration, material and role identity corresponds to all costumes are made by hand-sewn, refined and delicate, with supporting roles, props, home, lighting The layout is very particular about, for everyone to serve a visual feast!



Lineup fly

The script reliable

Scene fly

After all, this play does not fly, announced tonight!

Dressed in a girl's rhyme youth, apart from the hustle and bustle of the earth, it is only a faint existence, and the scenery of the mountains, the moon in the mountains in general, full of fresh air. Tonight, the empress took you to open a different kind of life the richest woman.



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