Jade Guanyin(TV)[2003]
Jade Guanyin(TV)[2003]
Jade Guanyin(TV)[2003]

Jade Guanyin(TV)[2003]

Episode: 27 Area: China
Stars: Li Sun David Tong Peter Ho More>> Language:
Director: Ding black Year: 2003
Writer: Hai Yan Genre: Love | Crime
Producer: Ding black Zeng Qing Huai Qu GuangHui

《Jade Guanyin》Episodes

"Jade Goddess of Mercy," the classic drama by friends Liu MingHao introduction, Yang Rui participated in the Beijing Sports Taekwondo training courses, where he met An Xin dry handyman. An Xin pure appearance, melancholy eyes, fans of the same life deeply attracted by Yang Rui. As their interaction increases, Yang Rui gradually learns about An Xin's rough and complicated experiences. An Xin's hometown won the provincial Taekwondo female champion when she went to Qing Mian in Yunnan Province and was admitted to the provincial Taekwondo female champion in high school. After her entrance examination, she was admitted by Guang-Guang Public Security College for the first time, accompanied by his son Zhang Tie Jun Reporter) acquaintance, fall in love. After graduating from college, by their own strong demands came to the grass-roots level of South Germany Public Security Bureau exercise. Mao Jie, who was handsome and passionate because of an accident, derailed her marriage with Tie Jun because of her derailed behavior. In a mission, she discovered Mao Jie was actually a drug traffickers. The anti-drug brigade annihilated the drug trafficking stronghold headed by Mao Jie's parents. After Mao Jie knew the true identity of An Xin, he started a frantic retaliation and Zhang Tie Jun died in Mao Jie's hand. Organized out of a love and care for her anonymity to help her in Qiu Bei City, a building materials company to find a job, however, because the manager of the unreasonable entanglement An Xin had to leave this place with their children came to Beijing, "Jade Goddess of Mercy" stills introduced by an acquaintance in the capital Taekwondo Club became a handyman. After being falsely accused forced to leave, first in a small restaurant for two days, and finally came to Sanhuan Furniture City to help people sell furniture. Yang Rui is responsible for a capital construction project at Guinness Company and was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes. An Xin up and down RBI, running around, and finally to the plaintiffs accused of evidence was found guilty. Yang Rui, who never took any responsibility for love, was impressed by An Xin's personality. He deeply fell in love with An Xin and they decided to get married. Mao Jie met again when she went to Yunnan to marry him. The Nande Public Security Bureau killed Mao Jie with the help of An Xin, but Mao Jie had killed the hijacked bear. An Xin and Yang Rui returned to Beijing. Yang Rui believed the time would have aroused the pain in An Xin's heart. Their happiness sooner or later will come. However, An Xin left the letter a few days later and disappeared. The letter says she is responsible for the dead husband and son. Yang Rui found a drug enforcement unit in Nande Public Security Bureau, and Pan DuiZhang told him that An Xin was doing what she was willing to do for her. This was her own wish. Before breaking up, Pan DuiZhang handed out the piece of jade avalokitesvara that An Xin was carrying around to show his kindness, ideals and motherhood to Yang Rui.

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