Mi Yue Biography(TV)[2015]
Mi Yue Biography(TV)[2015]
Mi Yue Biography(TV)[2015]

Mi Yue Biography(TV)[2015]

Episode: 81 Area: China
Stars: Li Sun Chutian Liu jinger More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Xiaolong Zheng Year: 2015
Writer: Shengnan Jiang Genre: Costume

《Mi Yue Biography》Episodes

Mi Yue Biography, posters During the Warring States Period, Mi Yue was the most beloved princess of the King of Chu Wei. However, his position as a king of Chu Wei had plummeted. His mother Xiang Shi was expelled from the palace by Chu WeiHou and returned to the palace after many years Life revenge, as a disaster and crisis. Mi Yue and Huang Gong childhood lover, sincerely in love, in order to run smoothly with Huang Xie, so volunteered as a princess Mi Shu's dowry married marry Qin State, on the way to the Qin Mi Mi, Mi Shu support each other, In the middle Chu State limousine was robbed by the armies led by Yi Di Wang Di Li on the way to Qin State. Huang Xie, who had to save Mi Yue, fell into disgrace and was discouraged by Mi Yue's death, Mi Shu into Qin Palace, Mi Shu became the queen of Qin, Mi Yue due to the fratriculation of Wei, his beleaguered brother Wei Ran kidnapped, had to help the Qin Wang become a pet concubine. The original sisterhood gradually split after Mi Yue gave birth to Ying Ji. Fight for the philosophers, Qin Ying Si Si regret died. Mi Yue and his son were sent to distant Yan country. Unexpectedly, Qin Wu Wang Ying Dang Ding Ding died, Qin chaos. Mi Yue went back to Qin State by virtue of his righteousness and drained the Qin civil strife. Mi Yue son Ying Ji as the king, known as the king of Qin Zhao Xiang. Mi Yue became the first Queen Mother in history, known as Qin Xuantai Hou & nbsp ;.

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