She is the ex-girlfriend of Huang Xiaoming. Now Li Feier and Jin Xiche pass the scandal.

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With the " our boyhood " hit, inside a gentle and kindergarten teacher, attracted the attention of Xiaobian, this is not the Goddess of Li ! Li Feier since his debut, although a large number of works, both in movies and television dramas have involved and development, but also with many first-line stars such as Eddie Peng , Siqin Gaowa, etc., but always tepid, Can be said to want to make her a red result is not red ah! In the entertainment industry, often mention Li Feier, fear is the only thing we remember is that she is Xiaoming Huang 's ex-girlfriend, he has married the baby and happy with Small sponge , and she has been a single, is this love too Memorable, or hurt too deep? Xiao Bian today to bring everyone to find out!


According to Xiao Bian understand that the original Li Feier goddess and the relationship between the yellow leader stable, is an accidental opportunity to see text messages with the baby you want to master the message, perhaps out of the pure love of the request, the yellow leader has not decided When, Li Feier voluntarily asked to withdraw. And now see the owner of the love and care of the baby, because the game falls and the director of the curse of the news is still there, is not regret it was easy to give up or find the two completed, relieved it?


Xiao Bian think perhaps it has been relieved of it, after all, it has been for so long, and the goddess Li Feier to participate in "if love" the third quarter when the composition with Kim Hee-chul koi carp couples are frequently sugar in the show , So users eat a lot of dog food. On this CP, netizens are roughly divided into two groups, one is that we hope that the goddess of Li Feier can get love, come out from the shadow of the previous, while the other is mostly Kim Hee-chul fans, that is Li Feier rub heat, speculation and so on. Xiaobian read the "if love" in the sweet interaction between the two, Li Feier go to Heechul home to help clean up, cook, sea view movies, sweet full!


After the show ended, the two also had frequent interactions with Weibo. Li Feier made a microblog about the relationship between the two when Heechul debuted 16 years ago, which once again aroused fierce criticism from both fans This is a good friend in the end hype or fictitious really done?


Also in the "if love" in the third season of a pair of high fever couple is Fu Xinbo and Ying Er , and this pair, it seems to have become an open secret, both in public or program performances are Very intimate, when a separate kiss, when meeting Big bear hold plus touch head kill, because the impression can not help but kiss, and even both actually see the parents, countless evidence seems silent in the two sweet love.


Interaction between the two on the Weibo is not sweet, full of understanding.


Recently photographed two fingers tightly travel, fans are not calm, it is to open the rhythm it!

Finally, Xiao Bian would like to say, Li Feier goddess also boss is not small, hit the right to marry him soon! Would not it be more uncomfortable to look at the happy and prosperous past? And for Fu Xinbo and Ying Er this pair, if really open, then full of blessing it!

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