Prague guannelli piano trio with piano!

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Linkeddb News November 30& have spent Have & quot; "The French phonograph"; The name & have spent The winner of the golden tuning fork award & NBSP; Prague guannelli piano trio & NBSP; It's on! & have spent & have spent & have spent

In cremona, Italy, in the 17th and 18th centuries, a large number of great luthiers emerged. Of these, the Guarneri, Stradivari and Amati families, which are all well known to this day, are the Guarneri, Stradivari and Amati families. Guannelli family a total of five luthiers, three generations. Dear Andreas guannelli was the family's first luthier, and his son and grandson continued to innovate. Jesus guannelli, son of giuseppe guannelli, became one of the most successful luthiers in the guannelli family in three generations. & have spent & have spent

Dear Andreas Guarneri  

Dear Andreas Guarneri piano & NBSP; & have spent Dear Andreas guannelli, the first luthier of the guannelli family. Between 1641 and 1654, he learned from Amati, the master luthier, in two periods. & have spent Dear Andreas He "absorbed" amatti's style so well that sometimes he was indistinguishable from his teacher's. Later, he left amatti's piano studio. It's in Santa domi in cremona Nico Square he set up guannelli studio. Dear Andreas is the most prolific luthier of the guannelli dynasty he runs. His two sons, Giuseppe Guarneri and Pietro Guarneri, were his right-hand men. & have spent

From the Czech republic, with a 32-year history of the group, first-class chamber music combination, with the guannelli family made the famous qin, seamless cooperation, outstanding beautiful timbre, superb skills. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

Founded in 1986, the guannelli trio of Prague is one of the most famous piano trio in classical music. With its unique performing arts, music and playing skills, the orchestra has become a leader in the field of chamber music. The orchestra regularly performs at international festivals such as the leswie-hausstein festival, the Prague Spring Festival and the La Folle Journee festival in nantes, bilbao and Tokyo. The group has also performed in famous concert halls in London, Paris, Prague, Madrid, Geneva and Hamburg. The guannelli trio in Prague recorded Beethoven, Mendelssohn, shostakovich, schubert, Brahms and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Piano trio, and dvorak's piano trio, won many international awards, such as the" French phonograph "said the" golden tuning fork award "and so on. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

01 & have spent Pavlik & NBSP; The violin & have spent & have spent

The violinist palmer frick Pavlik (Č en ě k) is one of the most excellent violinist, now the Czech republic, has repeatedly won the international music awards in London and Prague. He lives in the Czech republic and enjoys studying archaeology and middle antiquity in his spare time China And so on. & have spent

02 & have spent Marek & have spent & have spent The cello & have spent 

The cellist Marek Jerie, an outstanding solo cellist and chamber musician, is a professor at music college in lucerne. His students range from chamber musicians to soloists. & have spent & have spent & have spent

03 & have spent Ivan crane, & have spent & have spent The piano & have spent & have spent

Pianist Ivan Klansky is known for his work at both music in Prague and music in lucerne. He rose to fame in 1967 when he won the gold medal in the Bolzano International Piano Competition. He has toured Europe, Japan, north and South America, Asia and Africa. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

The string instruments used in the combination are all made by the famous guannelli family. Violinist palmer frick Pavlik (Č en ě k) play, is by the world famous piano master Jesus, melon and giuseppe (Guarneri del Gesu) production, and the Western Europe in the collector tower collection of Eric clapton 1735 "Zimbalist"; The Marek Jerie played a cello made in 1684 by the celebrated luthier Andrea Guarneri. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

Famous & have spent MingTuan & have spent Eric clapton & have spent & have spent Exquisite piano skills & NBSP; Will bring you perfect music enjoy! & have spent Come and feel it! & have spent & have spent & have spent

Act out the information & NBSP; Prague guannelli piano trio concert & NBSP; & have spent & have spent

Performers: Ivan kransky, pavlik, malek & NBSP; & have spent

Venue: henan art center music hall & NBSP; Performance date: December 4, 2018 & NBSP; 7:30 & have spent & have spent

Performance price: VIP380, 280, 180, 80 yuan & NBSP; & have spent * children below 1.1 meters are not allowed to enter this performance & NBSP; & have spent & have spent & have spent

Poly & NBSP;

Ticket number: 69092200& NBSP; Business cooperation telephone: 69092219/92& NBSP; & have spent

Henan art center official website & NBSP; (www.hnbljy.com)

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