Jing tian ran enthusiastically to start the journey' a love of traveling, unveiled the car version poster

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Jing Tian stills 1.jpg

  Linkeddb News October 10 Today, China's first highway mystery love drama A love of traveling "Has released its latest car chase poster.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Under the bright and concise tone of the poster, the leading role Jing Tian , Xiao Chen The enthusiasm and energy of those who wait behind the speeding trailer also bodes well for the many stories of love-hate entanglements that may be happening to a few of them during this bizarre journey.

& have spent & have spent & have spent Jing Tian plays li xinyue, an urban white-collar with a bright personality and a principled manner in this play. She accidentally gets involved in a transnational money laundering and drug trafficking case involving famous paintings, and mistakenly goes to shangri-la together with Xiao Chen's narco-cop jin xiaoran, which starts a mysterious and wonderful journey.The show is expected to air next year.

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