United solicitation day 1 loving ambassador lin min-chen with you for a long time

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Beautiful people more beautiful united solicitation day donation love ambassador Lin Min - Chen At 7 PM on valentine's day, facebook fans will be invited to accompany fans for a meaningful valentine's day. It is also the first live online auction held by the group. We hope that through the influence of public figures and combined with the online platform, more friends will be able to donate in a day.

This year, Lin min-chen, who is popular among young friends, is serving as the love ambassador. He called on everyone to "help your friends 365 days if you donate on a daily basis", and worked for disadvantaged friends for one day to make your work more meaningful. On valentine's day, Lin min-chen also invited fans to do charity work together. In the 817 live broadcast, the autograph of the promotional film will be auctioned, and the film will be Shared on the live broadcast. Before the end of August, the official website will donate 299 yuan, and enter the specified customs code.Youcan also participate in the lottery!

& have spent Live MingZhen will give his first dream valentine's day, and would like to receive gifts and received a special gift, by the fans of live and interact with zero distance, and the proceeds from the auction as united help others plan to use, fast fans, please invite your friends to join us through this valentine's day full of love!

Donate the main encourage the united 1, a single small donations in 2017, for example, a total of more than 8800 donation, the cumulative amount of about 9 million yuan, annual fundraising amount accounted for about 3%, estimate about nearly 200 million yuan in 26 years of contributions, such results also always remind us that donations are from every diligent workers, so the use of our money is also more cautious, can't forget the courage and determination when united from scratch.

In addition, you can also enjoy good gifts for the public good. Now, you can use LINE Pay TO respond with a single donation of 1,200 yuan, that is, buy one and get one coupon for each free meal of buffet dinner of 780 yuan at kaida hotel. In addition, you can receive BAG TO if you make a donation of 500 yuan on the official website of united solicitation You BTG 200 online coupon group b.

Red bean sister, a parent-child brand, also supports daily donation by creating serial illustrations in the FB series, and communicates with the public in a lively way. There is also a dream map illustration group led by drift teacher, which draws LINE map for the theme of "world-weariness office worker", which is close to the aspirations of office workers. These professionals in different fields contribute their talents and enthusiasm, which is also a great day to donate.

& have spent

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