The Big Bang Theory' is coming to an end in the eleventh season Xie Er will marry his girlfriend Amy Fuller

The Big Bang has been the highest-rated sitcom in the United States in recent years, and it is also one of the longest-lived sitcoms in American TV history. On May 10th, the eleventh season of the Big Bang Theory will usher in the finale. Thank Ears,Sheldon Cooper and his girlfriend Amy Fowler will hold a wedding.

The latest episode of the 11th episode of the “Big Bang of Life” shows that Xie Er’s companionship with Leonard, Howard, and Rajer went to the old forest in the mountains to meet with Dr. Walcott. The feeling of being late, the two are very accomplished in time theory research, and there are many common language. After finishing the study, the two also talked about feelings. Dr. Walcott said that he and his wife have been separated from each other so that they can have more time to study science. Everyone who sees his ears thoughtful, afraid of his ears being deceived by the Ph.D., really do stay in this place where the bird does not pull to do research.

Fortunately, at this time, Xie'er had not been brainwashed and was determined to leave. The four spent a night on the expressway. Early in the morning of the next day, Xie eared the door and entered the house just enough to see the sleepy Amy. The two more determined each other's feelings.

Therefore, the upcoming 11th season of the "Big Bang of Life" will end, and Xie Er will marry Amy. However, this does not mean ending. It is reported that the “Big Bang” will capture at least episode 12 and what will happen to the post-married Xie Er’s ears. It may only be noticed in the 12th season.

It is reported that CBS and Warner are still planning to produce a derivative drama, focusing on the story of Xie ear childhood.

The Biggest Explosion of the 11th Season of the Big Picture

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