Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim episode 10: Jin Meixiao discovers that Li Yingjun is the person she has been looking for.

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Recently, the Korean romantic drama“Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim”is being broadcast hot. Although this drama is about the old routine of“overbearing president loves me”, the female host is not a Cinderella, but accompanied by the male master. The most important thing for the female of the year is that the color, wear and acting of the male and female are online. The latest episode of Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim, Jin Xiaomei discovered that Li Yingjun is the brother she was looking for, and he strengthened his relationship. In order to get the approval of the woman's family, Li Ying, who has never been optimistic about Jin Meixiao's sisters, tried every means to ask her sisters to be happy and finally got recognition.

"Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim" Episode 10: Jin Meixiao once again confirmed, asked if Li Ying was once called Li Cheng (painter) , and later changed his name to Li Yingjun, Li Yingjun suddenly woke up, he Vigorously arguing, hurriedly sent Jin Mei to go home, Jin Mei smiled full of doubts, she clearly remembered that Li Ying’s mother said that she was kidnapped by Xiao Xian, and could not understand what was going on.

Early the next morning, Jin Meixiao came to Li’s mother to understand the situation. Li Cheng (painter) Xian is not the current Li Ying, Li Ma denied, Jin Meixiao begged her to explain the facts of the year, Li Mu clearly It is Li Cheng (painter) express that is related to her. When Jin Meixiao went out, he met Li Cheng (painter). He returned the picture diary to Jin Meixiao. Jin Meixiao asked him if he would restore his previous memories. Li Cheng (painter) will have self-resistance in his excuse. So I haven't thought about it so far, and Jin Meixiao suspects that his description of the words is heard.

Jin Meixiao saw photos of Li Cheng (painter) and Li handsome when she was young. She clearly remembers that the little brother is the one on the right, but Li Cheng (painter), but said that the one on the left is himself, Jin Meixiao Doubtful. When Feng Kechang learned that Lee Ji-ah had moved, he wanted to visit the house and help her celebrate. By the way, Minister Zheng also responded positively. Lee Ji-ah excused that the house was too small and inconvenient, but they insisted on not doing it. Buying gifts, and also inviting Jin Meixiao to join, Lee Ji-ah complained.

Jin Meixiao thought about it and decided that Li Ying was the little brother who lived and died together. Li Yingjun wanted to take her to her home for a date at night. Jin Meixiao promised, and also kindly called his brother, Li Yingjun was surprised. I have been struggling with each other, and Jin Meixiao can't say it, but now it's so natural. Jin Meixiao laughed to Li's handsome house. I didn't expect him to just take a shower and come out in his pajamas. Jin Meixiao once again saw the deep scar on his ankle. He couldn't help but burst into tears, and his sister called. She hurryed home, Jin Meixiao insisted on being with Li Yingjun, let her sister rest assured, Li handsome changed clothes, he heard clearly, did not understand why Jin Meixiao's sister did not like herself, Li Yingjun to Jin Meixiao Commitment, will definitely let the sisters accept themselves, not let her be in the middle of the dilemma.

President Park spoke to Li Yingjun. He saw his ex-wife and other men go shopping together, and his heart was not good. Li Yingjun took the opportunity to ask him how to please Jinmei's sisters. President Park asked him to prove himself. Strength and ability. Jin Meixiao and her sisters went back to their home vacation and desperately said good things to Li Yingjun.

Feng Kechang and Minister Zheng made a gift to the Lee Ji-ah family. The landlord proposed to let them have dinner at the roof. Because the room was too small, Lee Ji-ah immediately went to inform Gaoguinan and let him hurry to hide. Zheng The ministers came up, and Gao Guinan had to hide under the table.

Colleagues have to play in the dark on the roof, and both Gao Guinan and Lee Ji-ah are complaining. Jin Meixiao is eating watermelon with her sisters. I didn’t expect Li Yingjun to come to see him with a gift, and straightforwardly admitted to being in a relationship with Jin Meixiao, hoping to get the blessings of my sisters. The big sister thinks that their living environment is different and they strongly disagree. Li handsome is not discouraged and insists on eating with them.

Li handsome followed the sisters to the small hotel that he often came to when he was a child. Not only was the environment simple, but also very cheap. The big sister thought that Li handsome would know how difficult it would be to retreat. I didn’t expect him to go, eat crabs with them, and still swear. Taking advantage of his own image, Jin Meixiao was very distressed, but he won the good feelings of his sisters.

Li handsomely eats too much, he is uncomfortable, Jin Meixiao worried that he was indigestion, and quickly poured a glass of water for him. Then the sisters were going to dig and make noodles, and Li Yingyi did not hesitate to go to the mudflat with them. Lee Ji-ah and his colleagues had a drink, and the noble South was hungry and screamed alone. Feng Kechang’s bag was dropped on the ground, so he quickly picked it up and worried about the noble southern dew stuffing. Just left the building, the colleagues put the table. Moving to the side, Gao Guinan was exposed. He lied that he also came to participate in the Qian Qiao banquet. Feng Kechang found that the beer was not much, and he took the initiative to go to the supermarket to buy.

Feng Kechang tried a lot of meatballs in the supermarket and was dissatisfied with the waiter. Secretary Yang came out to buy a lot of meatballs, solved the problem for her, and left Feng Kechang to leave. Li Yingai put on professional fishing tools and clothing, and dig with Jin Meixiao. The big sister proposed that they have two or two matches. If any group wins, they can satisfy a wish. Li Yingjun and Jin Meixiao are very motivated. After digging a full bucket and winning the game, Jin Meixiao said his wish, that is, I hope that my sisters will not hate Li Yingjun.

Big sister just wanted to leave, suddenly slipped, Li Yingfen did not care to protect her, Jin Meixiao excused Li handsome indigestion, and quickly pulled him away, the big sister also took the initiative to help him blood to cure stomach pain, Li handsome took the initiative to help the older sister work, I finally got the approval of my sisters. When Secretary Yang returned to Feng Kechang, the colleagues decided to go to the bar to continue to celebrate. The landlord came to Lee Ji-ah to do a questionnaire survey. Gao Guinan worried that he would be recognized and quickly blocked his face with squid. Feng Kechang was drunk quickly, and Secretary Yang was always with her.

My sister made a sickle and noodles. Li handsome was eating his own labor. His heart was beautiful. The older sister talked about childhood. The father went to the song festival and wanted to use the trophy as his wife’s birthday present. The daughters saw the sea and the father took it. When they went to the beach, they found that the car keys were gone. The whole family searched together. Jinmei laughed for the first time, and happily jumped and jumped. The father decided to give up the song festival and play happily with his family. I come to the beach every day of the year.

Jin Meixiao thanked Li Yingjun for attending the family gathering. He also hoped that he would open his heart to himself and say the sorrow that was accumulated in his heart. Li Yingjun and Jin Meixiao are leaving, and the sisters are not willing. Li Mu told Li Cheng (painter) that it was not him who was abducted 24 years ago but Li Ying (painter) who lost his soul to attend the opening ceremony and sat next to Jin Meixiao, acknowledging that his memory was wrong.

"Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim" Episode 11 will open the high sweet love mode, are you ready?

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