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Kenji wu yanrujing, together with her new work “write a poem for you”, is here to promote the worship of teachers and sing the songs of henan opera.

Linkeddb News October 10 "Write poems for you, stand still for you, do the impossible for you", that year Kenji Wu Write a poem for you. Now, has faded the infantile we, looks at the youth is about to pass, can still do those impossible things? Kenji Wu gives the answer.

On Oct. 9, at the invitation of Oscar academy, famous singers Kenji Wu and yan rujing arrived in zhengzhou, capital of central China's henan province, for a road show for their director's poem writing for you. Kenji Wu hugged the lovelorn girl on campus and set up an assist for the boy to succeed. Also received "liyuan spring" young contestant "training", sang the yu opera version of "write poems for you", showed extraordinary talent. Hardcore fans burn up the director's songs and sing for him on the spot.

Kenji Wu yanrujing is promoting zheng with his new work, writing poems for you

Don't make a movie, said Kenji Wu, adding that the biggest difficulty is gaining weight

On Oct. 9, director Kenji Wu walked into the zhengzhou institute of finance and economics and communicated with his classmates about his new work, writing poems for you.

Speaking of his feelings as a director, Kenji Wu says he is still very nervous. Admit that making a movie is a chore, and shout at the scene not to make a movie. Although the singer is a director, he thinks that there are many similarities between making a movie and writing a song. The most important thing is to keep the original intention unchanged and focus on the creation itself. But I wrote the story word by word, and I'm sure you'll see a good one." The students praised the director seriously and expressed their support.

In Kenji Wu's film, the hero has a heartbeat of more than 160 beats. In reality, Kenji Wu wants to go back to college basketball and shoot a penalty shot to win. And the scene of students and students, if the next film to promote here, must be a basketball game with students.

Kenji Wu also revealed that zhou is still a tough woman and a foodie.

Then came a special guest, the most adorable member of the entire cast of "write a poem for you." Her appearance, as if from the second yuan animation to come out of the same, aroused everyone's enthusiastic cheers. "My character is very difficult," she said. "I want to play a fat man." She continued: "it's a very cute little fat, and it's difficult for me to gain weight while shooting, and it's fun and delicious when shooting movies," which drew a lot of admiration. As jing said, it was his first electrocution. In fact, he was very nervous, but I didn't expect that director Kenji Wu was gentle and subverted his imagination. Kenji Wu also expressed his approval to ruijing, the two of the tacit agreement beyond words.

Kenji Wu yanrujing is promoting zheng with his new work, writing poems for you

Love for the lovelorn girl to give the boys a hug to express success

"Write a poem for you" is a film about silly things, the scene of the host to give you a list of young likely to do interesting silly things, the students have been widely recognized. It seems that we are all the same, the feeling of youth is always similar. Kenji Wu and yan rujing also Shared their little secret. Yan rujing said, "love actually feeds fish instead of fishing. You should learn to enjoy the happiness you give".

After that, many classmates gathered their courage and courageously went to the stage to tell their stories of their youth. When a girl was talking about her lovelorn, she used a drink to drown her sorrow and almost wanted to cry. Director Kenji Wu gave her a hug, encouraging her to look forward and be strong. Another boy was excited on the stage to express his love to the public, Kenji Wu connected the assists in person, the confession was successful on the spot! The crowd was excited and cheered.

Kenji Wu learned to sing a string of songs for fans of henan opera

"I came to zhengzhou two or three times, but the first time I came to zhengzhou as a director, I was so nervous that my hands were sweating," Wu said. Henan province, located in central China, has always been famous for its opera. This time, a small contestant from the famous TV program "pear garden spring" was invited to perform it. Director Kenji Wu is also amazing, "learn from teachers" on the spot, let the young players teach themselves a few tricks. The director is also a talented person, can learn, learn now sell now, sang the version of henan opera "write a poem for you", everyone all amazed. If jing comments on: see other people's talent to know how important hard work.

The director worked so hard, and the fans gave back, singing Kenji Wu a string of his hits. This series of song collude with a lot of memories, the golden melody of the continuous times as if to show the present, people revel . Director Kenji Wu was so moved that he expressed his fans' support and encouragement for many years, and said he hoped that he could have everyone to accompany him in the following years, and that he would live up to everyone's expectations and continue to provide good works. The scene of harmony and joy, everyone caper.

During the interactive session, the organizer installed a sea ball pool next to the mall, to challenge the audience to shout out what they want to say and jump from the sea ball pool with their backs to it. Many fans came up to the stage, Shouting and screaming. The director was so excited to try it, such as jing helping to push him down, that the audience started screaming, and Kenji Wu got up from the ball pile and shouted so loudly that everyone laughed. At the end of the event, the audience was still reluctant to part with the song "write a poem for you". Kenji Wu opened his mouth, upstairs and downstairs, the audience spontaneously turned on their mobile phone lights, the shopping mall changed into a concert scene, romantic, the whole singing, loud.

Kenji Wu yanrujing is promoting zheng with his new work, writing poems for you

Kenji Wu has promised to buy a house for his ex-girlfriend and open a Fried chicken restaurant

The film tells the story of Chen shijie, played by Kenji Wu, who is able to travel back to the past when his heart speeds up to 160 beats per minute, and a series of ironic scenes occur in pursuit of a goddess. Although the film was based on the song "write a poem for you," Kenji Wu revealed that there was no song in the film, which drew attention.

Speaking of the time when her heart beat over 160, yan said that every time when she was ready to announce her score, she was over 160. But every time it was a runner-up, the heart rate dropped and it felt like a roller coaster. Kenji Wu says it was the first time he finished editing the test film that his heart beat reached 160 beats or more.

Kenji Wu began preparing for a film five years ago, giving up many opportunities in singing, from writing the script to the release of the final film. In the past five years, I have written three movie scripts and two online dramas. I hope you can see them in the future.

Some people say it's selfish to love someone so much. Kenji Wu hopes that when you finish watching this movie, you will feel it is worthwhile to give others crazy efforts or make lots of efforts without results.

Kenji Wu said he has also done crazy things for love, promising to buy a house for his girlfriend at the time when he was poor and later broke up for various reasons. But when he became famous, he bought a house specially for her, for that young and crazy promise.

It's a good thing to remember who you were then. The most fearful thing is that after arriving at the society, there will be no chance to get drunk for someone, will not be touched for someone, do silly things, become very human and worldly, this is the most deplorable thing.

The craziest thing a baby has ever done is for food. 'I haven't eaten it yet,' joked Mr. Wu, who opened a Fried chicken restaurant in Beijing because he loves to eat Fried chicken from his native Malaysia.

Kenji Wu yanrujing is promoting zheng with his new work, writing poems for you

"Write poems for you" is the first film of the same name directed by Kenji Wu and adapted from his classic golden melody "write poems for you" by Beijing jiaying spring pictures co., LTD., qunwen chuang entertainment co., LTD., zhejiang province Jiang Tian Produced by Italy film and television limited. Co-produced by huaxia film distribution co., LTD., Beijing jiaying culture media co., LTD., kashi jiaying culture media co., LTD., and sixth space music co., LTD. Chou PeiPei Starring,Chang Pen - yuSpecial star, will be on November 2 to meet with the national audience, for everyone to bring a different youth, heart racing, silly again.

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