Marriage in distress' hot show power actor huang ming plays wife chaser

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Star connection message: Huang Ming , Han Xue (actress) Co-starring in urban emotion TV series Marital distress "Is in the air. This is a follow-up to" Marriage Adventures "Second sequel, really didn't have enough friends to see them all, on the one end due to family matters between two people, a variety of reasons resulting in parted ways, ended in divorce, many netizens have comments on weibo said daddy, hope that two people can together live a happy life, indeed as expected expectations, as the marriage is in distress, the hit, the plot also in unceasing development,Huang Mingplay fighting never forget in the corner of his lover she walked, in the face of the dead to tie up lousy dozen of Vivian,Huang Mingis indifferent, the heart has long been she walked with hold anyone, To li li,Huang Mingtried very hard to win back his lover's heart. He touched li li with sincerity, and happened to have a series of interesting stories under the assist of mother's god, together with the excellent performance of jie Ming in the play, which really made the story more beautiful. I am looking forward to their early reunion!

The drama starringHuang Minghas been very good in terms of audience rating and reputation. Swinging "Is also the word of mouth, his spoony master set in the people with a bit of pity and a bit of pain, let everyone's goodwill towards him all the way soaring. After harvest to the consistent high praise by the praise,Huang Mingis very proud, he always insist on get a proper return, now he is a real strength,Huang Mingwith 13 years of accumulation and precipitation and time, hone their acting skills at the same time, the greater ascension, as a serious actor, often meet if not big plays, also get the support of many viewers, because he really throw out the colour of the individual, the real into the role, and is the play he alone can hold up an entire day of the play!

In the future,Huang Mingwill go better and better. We expect thatHuang Mingwill bring us a more wonderful story and that wu gong will be reunited with li li at an early date.

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