Song bingyang “zheng”, a singer of “zhuque street”, wants to cooperate with g.e.m. mayday in the future at lang.

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Star relationship -For singing The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love Song bingyang, the singer-songwriter, is finally in the spotlight for the song's episode "la lark street." At the age of 14, he became a trainee under the entertainment division of South Korea's SM entertainment company. However, when he was about to start his career, he gave up the chance of fame and went to study at music college in Berkeley, USA Wang Leehom Teacher younger brother. He is the most promising all-round singer-songwriter in the Chinese music industry. Kris Wu , Jason Zhang, Dimagi had asked him to write songs. Daxun Wei Because of love, Wang Yibo and Dilraba Dilmurat Starring in the advertising micro film hot dance, youth, and The Mini Yang and Dong Zijian I am your little power phone. Song bingyang is on it.

Merry lonely

This summer, Harbin beer teamed up with PONY, an american-style fashion brand, and worked with its stars to create a national flash feast of "waves bubbling and a draft beer".

Merry lonely

On August 26, Harbin beer xPONY flash shop gate international shopping park in airborne, organizers combined with the present trend of the elements, for this flash shop set up many "waves" of small devices, flash shop shoe style appearance, full of bubble helter, extremely bright neon ladder, with a photo wall, etc., to attract the curiosity of people passing by, many young people are actively involved, to experience a different rushed trip, the wave to wave "bubble"!

Song bingyang is the star of the store manager, for fans to provide a personal "service"! Not only take a photo with many fans, but also experience cool installations and interesting games with them, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

As a representative of the "chao" faction of the x PONY, song said that his "chao" was an attitude, not that he dressed like others, but dared to express what he thought looked good.

The latest song is "this is Play" with PONY, and this year there will be some movies and TV songs written by myself. Most want to follow in the future G.E.M. (singer) Cooperate, think she sings very good, also hope can with like of Mayday Have a cooperation.

When star relations mention "knot love" his singer ah GUI sang "rosefinch street" is very popular, he is very happy. It's hard to be an actor. It takes a long time to interpret a character.

Answer to the question of the future will go to the film and television play merry lonely said if have their own feel appropriate role, oneself also can play, but still more thoughts on music, and make a "small target" : the most important goals or write the songs, including some role, or to write songs, movies or others or their own album, do every work. Music is always the first place. If there are some suitable opportunities, I will not exclude the last variety show, so that more people can know themselves and know their music. (editing by ZL hua hua/photo by lu jian)

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