The “seven-jin community” activity in ronghai, henan is about to start to enjoy convenience welfare in front of the house

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Jianghuai automobile "ruifeng S7 super version" shock attack!

"Security, interconnection, space, power" my four super changes only serve you!

Sponsored by the public channel of henan broadcasting and TV station, co-organized by jianghuai automobile henan ronghai 4S store and zhengzhou jinyi property service co., LTD., the "ruifeng S7 super edition" seven-jin community service activity of henan ronghai with great support from star relations will be held on August 12 in the shangcheng community of jinyi canal!


In order to create a community environment for residents to feel at ease and trust, "jianghuai automobile and convenient people service interdisciplinary strong alliance, henan radio and television public channel" seven into the community "activity and jianghuai ruifeng S7 super version" four super ", the following convenient people welfare is launched:

Ping an propaganda into the community, law education into the community, letters and visits services into the community, family mediation into the community, public culture into the community, consumer rights into the community, convenient services into the community. The four features of "safety, interconnection, space and power" of jianghuai automobile ruifeng S7 are closely integrated with community services. They are face-to-face and close to the lives of residents and provide high-quality services for residents. They are committed to making community residents know and understand the law and improve their safety awareness. At the same time, it will popularize and teach the basic knowledge, maintenance knowledge and skills related to the policies, regulations and car purchasing and car use to the residents.

In this activity, jianghuai automobile will organize door-to-door service for professional technical personnel of jianghuai automobile to communicate with community residents about car model performance, reduction range, insurance after-sales service and other problems, and at the same time, teach residents little knowledge of car maintenance, free maintenance, door-to-door maintenance of small problems, and enjoy 4S store services without leaving the house.

At the same time, you will have the chance to get a small gift around the car, and you may become the owner of the ultimate grand prize in the lottery. You can customize the exclusive route, pick up the whole journey from jianghuai to zhengzhou, enjoy the wonderful scenery of zhengzhou, and enjoy the wonderful experience brought by jianghuai ruifeng S7 super edition in advance. Web celebrity talent will also be invited to the live event, and the live event will be presented in a timely manner.

On the event day, the organizers also specially prepared a novel and exciting science magic show, which is not only a humorous and interesting science experiment, but also a science magic show about parent-child interaction. "The fire in the palm, the fire pot into the gift, the air cannon" and other performances are wonderful enough to be overwhelmed.

In today's society, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of life. The "ruifeng S7 super edition" seven-step community service activity in ronghai, henan aims to enhance the interestingness of community life and show the positive, vigorous and enterprising spirit of the masses of residents. In order to improve their quality of life, then please come to the scene to participate in our activities!

When: 16:00 on August 12

Location: upper town of jinyi canal

Registration link:

PC: http://s7.jac.com.cn/? Ly = HNGBDSTGGPD & have spent

Wap: http://s7.jac.com.cn/wap/? Ly = HNGBDSTGGPD & have spent

Registration hotline: 0371-86060808

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