Liu yan (actress), red lips, blurred curly hair, exposure will appear at busan film festival with' zhang tianzhi

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Linkeddb News October 11 Liu Yan (actress)In a new set of photos, she is dressed in a red pleated halter dress with a sharp silhouette. Liu Yan (actress-born actress-born actress) is in the sun outside, with wavy, wavy hair, slouchy shoulders, and metallic earrings. It's modern, and her red lips are more flattering to her complexion.

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Liu Yan (actress-actress) has been making a number of appearances at variety shows recently, and tonight she will join forbearance as a star guest, partner Kevin Tsai , Jiang Shuying , Oscar Sun Talk about how men and women get along. Liu Yan (actress-actress) will take part in the closing battle of the live-action sci-fi variety brave world on oct 19. Liu Yan (actress-actress) will be the co-host Zhu Yawen , Zhang Yuqi , Dagger , Hong Guan ,Mr Yang, the moreAnd psychologist jiang zhenyu's love reasoning reality show "the signal of the heart" also continues to be popular.

In addition, Liu Yan (actress-actress) also continues to thrive in film and television: co-written by Liu Yan (actress-actress)Yang Yang (actor), Zhang Tianai , Wu Chun , Claudia And other co-starring TV series Wu moved heaven and earth Season 2 will officially return today. And Liu Yan Jiang Jinfu , Crystal Yuan , Ruilin Liu Starring in the legendary ancient drama Back to the Ming Dynasty when Wang Ling Yang Ling Biography Liu Yan (actress-actress) is expected to meet you in October as a double character in the drama, coquetry's "DE Lou er" and resourceful "cheng qi yun".

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In terms of movies,Yuen Woo ping -Directed,Raymond Wong Pak MingActress Liu Yan, who stars in the action film "IP man: Zhang Tianzhi," is also expected to be a partner this year Zhang Jin , Dave Bautista , Michelle Yeoh , Tony Jaa , Chrissie Chau Zhang Tianzhi, the successor of wing chun, deals with bullies. Zhang Tianzhi It has been confirmed as the closing film of the 23rd busan film festival in South Korea this year.

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