The big shot' begins with the arrival of the mink in cable and laughing intelligent game yang yang.

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Directed by gold medal winner Zhang Li, Directed, Yang Yang (actor) , Zhang Tianai , Wu Chun , Likun Wang with Cable laughing laugh, The legendary Oriental drama starring others The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts "Is popular in the weekly broadcast theater of youku video and dragon TV. The fast-paced story, sophisticated production, and movie-level visual effects have sparked heated discussions, and a number of young actors have received a lot of praise for their acting. The latest episode of "sable" Cable pays a lot of attention, with the actors andZhang Tianaiplaying opposite each other.

Here comes the mink! In its early form, human tsundere conceals and submits to its tact

In the latest episode, a mysterious mink runs out of a stone symbol, and the human form appears to amaze Mr. Lin (Yang Yang (actor) and Ms. Ying (Zhang Tianai). A small mink in human form is handsome and handsome. A wisp of white mink hair and its powerful claws are very absorbent. In the bridge of the first meeting with Lin dong, the mink showed his defiant and untamable nature, trying to get back the stone rune only to be trapped by ying huan. At first, the mink did not show weakness to beg for mercy, but more a "mink" look "venomous". After a few back-and-forth games with Lin, ying and ying, the mink finally "acknowledges him" with tact, submits to his master and goes to deal with the black panther. Little did they know that during the fight, the mink wanted to capture the power of the fishing net in order to get the "demon crystal" clearly. The mink, attacked by black panther, panicked and said it was "safer to return to the stone sign". The "fierce and pouting" look was a bit of a laugh.

Future available! Power turns out to be a big concern

The first appearance of a real mink sparked a barrage of criticism, including "the mink is not easy to see", "the mink is too clever", "the mink is good at acting" and "the mink is cute and cute". One of the most popular characters in the original, mink, has been won over by many fans for its handsome image and loyal and righteous personality. Cable, who previously described the role in an interview, also said it was "very difficult". "it has a arc from a selfish, crafty horse in the early stage to a heroic and courageous character in the later stage." Judging from the newly broadcast plot, Cable pays a lot of attention to its complex and full character just based on the scene of "mink's debut". Its strength is not to be underestimated, commendable performance, quickly won the audience's unanimous praise. For mink, more is to come. For Cable and laughing, more surprises are worth waiting for.

The hero of The martial arts and The martial arts is jointly produced by deep blue film, youku, yukai film and television, Beijing century partner culture, reading literature film and shang hui film and television. The play is being broadcast on youku video and dragon TV's weekly broadcast theater. Among them, dragon TV updates 2 episodes every day from Tuesday to Thursday at 22:00, youku members update 2 episodes every day from Tuesday to Thursday at 21:00 and always watch 3 more episodes, and youku non-members update 24:00.

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