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Three killed magic' on november 9, jin qian revealed the mystery of the role.

Recently, the film Three killed Magic The final veil will be unveiled on November 9. Three killed Magic is directed by a young director Lu Kejing Lead the attack, plus supervise production Henry Fong And the producers of YuAng Yu The cooperation between the strong and the strong is bound to create a fine "three kingdoms". this Ekin Cheng , Yu Rongguang , Michael Tse ,Jin Qian QianThe film was released in June at the 21st Shanghai international film festival in Shanghai, and the public release of the film has been very popular with the audience thanks to several reversals of the trailer. The film tells two mysterious secrets filled with the amazing secrets of faithful anti-hero doors, and as these appearances are revealed, another tangled tale of deep love and fulfillment begins to reveal its true nature.


It is reported that the strength of Jin qian qian's first screen was the "Three killed Magic". In the open stills, Jin qian qian personified two images, attracting eyeball. One has exquisite short hair and a small suit. The other is a slim leather suit, with long black hair and a slightly smoky makeup that is surprisingly appropriate, with a hostile and cold look in his eyes. What role did Jin qian play? What kind of existence is she? Together, we keep looking forward to it.

Jin Qian Qian 写真.jpg

逐渐丰富着自身履历的Jin Qian Qian终于迎来了自己首部电影作品的上映,而近期她首部作为女主出演的电影《生机》也于武汉顺利杀青。相信这个用点点星光筑梦的小花一定会在前行的路上愈渐平稳,愈渐沉着,绽放巨大光芒!

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