Hong kongs awards man' grossed over 2 billion yuan at the box office.

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Star connection message: Fei Yan , Da - Mo Peng The director's funny comedy Hong Kongs richest man Since its release on July 27, the box office has been climbing steadily. Not only has the average daily box office exceeded 100 million, but the total box office has also broken through the 2 billion mark up to now, which proves once again the strong box office appeal of happy mahua actors. And as the happy twist the team is hilarious Yuan Chang I also made a great breakthrough in the film. I not only challenged the villain for the first time, but also brought people new thoughts on life with my powerful acting style, which was praised as "the most lovable villain in history" by netizens.

Magic "wumao positive energy" brush the circle of friends & NBSP;Yuan Changis a gold-digger who makes people love and hate him.

Yuan Chang, interpretation of the past is slightly more "soft" image, in the "Hong Kongs richest man in the is disruptive in a" positive energy "Liu Jian, south side hypocritical for the increase of gee-whiz element of" positive energy "speech, but is confused by money, become" hypocrite "pursue money worship. Such a lovable and hateful villain is burdened by Yuan Chang's interpretation of the comedy, especially when Liu Jian nan's true face is revealed, and the flattering and money-loving image impresses the audience. The two attributes of positive energy and money worship are embodied most vividly in Liu Jian nan, played by Yuan Chang. The huge contrast of characters' characters becomes the key element to promote the development of the film's plot, and this dramatic conflict makes the audience enjoy it. Liu Jian south to curry favor with the newly rich wang duo yu ( Shen Teng The naughty netizens paid tribute to Liu jiannan online, and "jiannan fawning law", such as aerial yoga, the flower of morality, and saluting tree, went viral in the circle of friends and on weibo.

Aspires to deliver positive energy in the form of comedy Yuan Chang keeps subverting herself and striving for breakthrough

As an actor who aspires to deliver positive energy by means of comedy,Yuan Changhas properly grasped his performance, dug into the characteristics of each character, and then passed on his unique performance to everyone. As an extremely jumping character like Liu jiannan,Yuan Changnot only makes his portrayal full of jokes, but also makes the character contain a series of different connotations, such as sarcasm, touching and so on. With the carrier of comedy, it brings the audience more profound feelings, and finally interprets the values the film wants to convey to the audience in a joyous way.Yuan Changhas created one classic comedy image after another since her debut, whether it is the designer of hot and cold outside the Spring Festival gala or the" GoodbyeMr. Loser As a comedian,Yuan Changkeeps trying new acting styles on the road of acting, which is called as the comedy's "life of change". Today,Yuan Changis still on the road of subversion. I believe that in the future, we will surely see more classic characters he brings to the audience.

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