Yuqi chen exposure sweet summer color beautiful hair elegant eyes clear and smart

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Recently, the new flower Dan Yuqi Chen, Expose a collection of summer fashion photos. In the picture,Yuqi Chen,has a fresh and sweet smile or a slightly nifty eye wave, and her long hair is flowing freely. She is young and dynamic and has a girl feeling. The gauze simple sense of the dress is shown more give lightsome beauty, contracted quietly elegant picture wind brought a cool and refreshing for sorching summer.

It is reported, by Zi Yang, , Deng Lun And the TV drama starring Yuqi Chen Fragrant honey embers "Is popular on jiangsu satellite TV's 19:30 happiness theater. In the play,Yuqi Chen,plays the princess liu ying, a princess of the demon tribe. Her frankness and cheerfulness are deeply loved by netizens. The martial arts drama is also wonderful.

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