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Please remember me' revealed poster film dreamer epitome can be seen


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Linkeddb News November 8& have spent by Peng Xiaolian Written and directed by wang jian and xu yuan, Wenjuan Feng , Jia Yiping , Huang Zongying ,Cai - gen XuThe film "please remember me" is scheduled to be released nationwide on November 30. Today, the film has unveiled a poster featuring "character clues," featuring the characters ah wei and choi yun, as if they were the epitome of Chinese film dreamers.

& have spent The "character clues" poster, which has been exposed, compares the status of male and female protagonists, ah wei and choi yun, respectively, in life and work. With a strong sense of reality, the film is shot by director Peng Xiaolian, who concentrates the life state, dream-pursuing faith and artistic pursuit of Chinese film dreamers with the shooting way of "drama within drama".

Ah wei and choi yun seem to live in the bottom of society, but their pursuit of dreams did not give up, and continued to shoot about old filmmakers Zhao Dan And Huang Zongying. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of filmmakers like ah wei, Chinese films have become what they are today. Director Peng Xiaolian USES "" white description" "to show the living conditions of ah wei and caiyun, and to show their dream journey.

"Please remember me" is a film with full sincerity. Many film dreamers, as "experienced", expressed their concern for this film. Ah wei's dedication to the art of the film and belief in the dream seem to see his own shadow.

Plexus why not eyebrow was invited to see the film, said: "in the domestic movies pervading the screen of the moment, is a pure and fresh, delicate and sincere work, was undoubtedly the" alternative ", grasps the located art director's ideas and level, don't make reality and spirit of ecstasy and also don't care what the market and the public, just honestly presented a filmmakers for film copy of the missed with feelings. The film is full of authentic and moving details, the camera and scene scheduling is extremely exquisite, well-made, do not live up to the time you paid for it.

The film "please remember me" will be released nationwide on November 30. It is written and directed by Peng Xiaolian, co-written by wang jian and Xu yuan, starring Wenjuan Feng, Jia Yiping, Huang Zongying and cai-gen Xu.

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