She was hailed as' the most beautiful avalokitesvara in journey to the west

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She is known as Journey to the West "In" the most beautiful avalokitesvara "has been over seventy years of temperament

The public divides the actors into two kinds, and the public divides the actors into these two kinds. The new generation of actors with the synonym of "little fresh meat", and the old opera actors of the previous generation. Dafen Zuo One of the best. Whether an actor performs well or not depends on whether the image created by the actor is classic enough and popular enough. The name Dafen Zuo may be unknown to many people, but it's probably not unknown to anyone who plays the role of the goddess of mercy in Journey to the West 86.

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Dafen Zuo, a national first-level actor, was born in a family of hunan opera art, deeply influenced by his mother, and became attached to hunan opera. She was a performing artist of hunan opera and the first opera performing artist in hunan to win the plum blossom prize.

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In 1959, Dafen Zuo starred in "life and death". In 1960, she starred in Broken Bridge and won the title of "young performance artist" in hunan province. She has since starred in films such as Song Of Teacher, dazzling, and Yang men women's general. Dafen Zuo has made outstanding contributions to hunan opera, and has had numerous lovers. Dafen Zuo shot to fame in the entertainment industry by playing the avalokitesvara bodhisattva in the 86-edition TV series Journey to the West.

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Dafen Zuo, no matter the appearance, or the action, the vivid performance, makes her elegant, sacred, but also does not break the gentle guanyin, therefore is also known as "the most beautiful guanyin bodhisattva". Dafen Zuo's success is inseparable from her dedication to work. At that time, Dafen Zuo was said to go to every guanyin temple to study in order to figure out the role. This brings the audience a perfect visual presentation.

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Dafen Zuo is known to have had some interesting episodes playing guanyin. She had finished filming when she entered the play, she recalled, waiting for the shooting to take place and then sitting in the woods to rest. And from the distance, the rural people just saw the guanyin, all mistakenly thought that the true guanyin down, so they knelt down and kowtow. No matter what zuo explained, they didn't believe it, and some of them even cried and offered free "offerings" such as fruit and local specialties. It is clear that Dafen Zuo has already become a god in costume.

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Dafen Zuo is thriving in her career, but she's keeping a low profile when it comes to romance. People close to her said she got married before she hit the big time with Journey to the West. Her husband, xiao gaoxi, was the director of hunan flower drum theater. Ms. Shaw is five years older than her, but the two have been on good terms, having a child together. The two have been together for more than 50 years, showbiz model couples, it is enviable.

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Earlier, Dafen Zuo appeared in ace to ace 3 and the audience was so excited to revisit the classic. Dafen Zuo is in his mid-thirties, but he's as temperamental as ever. We also wish old artist Dafen Zuo a long and healthy life and a happy family.

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