Hotel transylvania 3:summer vacation 2018 released on north American.Dracula fall in love.

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Today, the ultra-high-ranking elf IP movie“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation”is released on North America. This time, all the Elf family members will leave the deep forest and enjoy a luxury cruise vacation. The cool-dressed vampire family played happily on the beach. After the carnival, Dracula actually met the most exotic encounter in his life - fell in love with the mysterious captain Erica, but she was Dracula and other monsters. The enemies, in the end, how this affair will end, whether the hatred between them can be resolved by love, in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation image

The dracula family has begun a new journey more cute monster debut.

In the two previous films, Dracula, the single father, accepts his daughter's choice, reaps a happy family, becomes a grandfather and makes a historic contribution to the friendship between the monster and human beings. But many may have overlooked dracula, who has spent years working and caring for her daughter alone.In this film, he's finally exhausted. So his daughter arranged a-special-holiday and hoped he can has a-relax-life, but because this is the first time that Dracula travel with human.A series of thrilling and interesting stories took place on the road.

As the owner of the "five-star" spirit hotel,Dracula actually stepped out of the hotel and embarked on a cruise ship, which was an absolutely historic leap for him. In the journey, in addition to the familiar mummy and invisible, Jelly monster and werewolf super guerrilla weird things, and also more monsters to appear.

Dracula and the mysterious captain

The new relationship and the new partner simultaneously hit.

In this "the elves hotel 3: crazy vacation," what is more surprising, "one thousand bachelor" dracula will cruise ship in the most important person in his life, start a new feelings, but at the same time, he also will encounter the enemy, to make the monster on the cruise ship partners into crisis, a crisis can only pull together the whole family together. This time, the film adds more music elements, allowing Jonathan, the human son-in-law, to be more adept at playing the game and to dance to music's beat.

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