Hardship is bliss! shawn dou's ascent to chaya shows “sinus optimism”

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Linkeddb News October 11  Shawn Dou After the new program "a strange life" broadcast the day before yesterday, the response is strong. In the photo shoot, Shawn Dou challenges the peak of chaya in Indonesia. He not only carefully prepares himself before his departure, but also faces the cloudy weather and steep mountain challenge after his arrival. In the photo, Shawn Dou is relaxed as she faces the towering mountain. Her iconic "sinus smile" is always on her face. Mountaineering movements are skilled, the single rope steel cable walking between the cliffs is also calm, not afraid to endure hardship of the spirit is a unique interpretation of life attitude, thought-provoking.

Shawn Dou rock-climbing. JPG

Shawn Dou pinnacle respite. JPG

Shawn Dou aspires to mount chana. JPG

Shawn Dou confident smile. JPG

Shawn Dou conquers the summit. JPG

Shawn Dou walks on steel cables high. JPG

Shawn Dou top celebrating.jpg

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