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“the legend of yang ling of ming hui” released women's team poster crystal yuan, leading the cast of “hui ming jing yan”.

Linkeddb News November 8  By ciwen media vice President The original sun , the general director Xu Jinliang A set of posters themed "hui Ming women's team" were released today in the legendary ancient IP drama "hui Ming Yang ling zhuan". As soon as the poster was released, it caused a heated discussion among netizens.

2- Liu Yan (actress-actress) - as - cheng qiyun. JPG

In the poster of the female characters in the legend of the Ming dynasty, Crystal Yuan ,Liu Yan (actress), CiCi Xia , Xuan Lu , Haoyu Chen , Anita Yuen Place oneself in the theme setting of different color department, deep feeling gazes, wen wan smiles, temperament gives dust. In the series, Crystal Yuan plays the beautiful and virtuous han niang, Liu Yan (actressactress) plays cheng qiyun wenwu, CiCi Xia plays ma piao, Xuan Lu plays princess yongfu decorous and demure, and Haoyu Chen plays tang yi xian who is innocent and innocent.

3-cici Xia - as - mamill.jpg

A change the ancient costume male frequency play female role of "vase" person set, "the Yang ling biography of Ming dynasty" several female characters set, the text can assist the security of the world, wu can defeat the enemy to decide the universe. Since its launch, the "Ming dynasty women's team" led by Crystal Yuan has been well received by netizens. Netizens said: 'the legend of the Ming dynasty has a very good casting and all the actresses are in line with the original story.'

1-crystal Yuan - as han niang. JPG

"The legend of Yang ling of Ming hui" released women's team poster Crystal Yuan, leading a group of hui Ming campaign yan

5- Haoyu Chen - as - tang yixian. JPG

& have spent Crystal Yuan leads the Ming dynasty women's team wan Purple thousand There is a flush

6-anita Yuen - as yutang chun. JPG

The first week of the launch, the word of mouth has been steadily improved and the strongest IP has gained the most attention

& have spent & have spent & have spent Since its release on November 1, the popularity and discussion of the whole network has been on the rise. Judging from the first 12 episodes that have been broadcast, the plot of the story is gradually compact and the characters are more clearly set. Fans of the original said: "this is the redemption in my heart".

4- Xuan Lu - as - princess yongfu. JPG

As the drama progresses, this week Jiang Jinfu As Yang ling in the magic machine camp cleverly set up a case, and receive people, and Ruilin Liu Mr. Zhu, who plays Mr. Zhu, has built a deep brotherhood in the military. As a film and TV drama adapted from well-known IP, the legend of Yang ling of Ming dynasty sticks to its quality, respects the original works, and its public praise and attention have been improved continuously with the broadcast of the series, which has gained the affirmation of many audiences.

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