Shadow' reveals the secrets of the special documentary 'zhang yimou and his shadow

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 Linkeddb News October 11 by Zhang Yimou Directed, Deng Chao , Betty Sun , Ryan , Qianyuan Wang , Hu Jun , Wang Jingchun , Xiaotong Guan , Lei Wu The leading ink action film "the shadow" is being screened across the country. Since its release, "the film" has been praised by the audience as "the best film on the big screen". With the sufficient aftereffect brought by the word of mouth, the film goes against the wind in the fiercely competitive National Day and achieves the reverse of the box office. Up to now, the mainland box office of "shadow" has nearly 500 million, and is expected to continue its long run. Today, the film party released another special issue of "different Zhang Yimou", the special content is from the documentary "Zhang Yimou and his" film ", which will be released on October 12. The film reveals the whole process of the film shooting of Zhang Yimou.


Zhang Yimou film outside the gas life, family qingsheng alone love northern shaanxi noodles


In the special issue of "different Zhang Yimou" released today, Zhang Yimou takes off the director's mask to show the side of childish and life gas. On my birthday, I harvest the gifts prepared by my family. During the meeting, a big bowl of fragrant northern shaanxi noodles is often served with the satisfaction of being a foodie on the face.



The film has been released as a special feature of the director, and the documentary, Zhang Yimou and his film, has been revealed as a new kind of film

Zhang Yimou has privately San Bao : family, noodles and posters

In life, Zhang Yimou has not only a sense of life, but also a strong "collecting habit". The posters of past works hung on four walls in the work room of Zhang Yimou are mostly carried back from abroad by the director himself. Zhang Yimou will write the date one by one on each poster collected by himself, mark the area, and keep the copy. An ordinary life small details, but can feel his love for the film business.

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As the self-breakthrough work of Zhang Yimou, "shadow" has gained nearly 500 million box office since its release. It has obtained Matascore score of 88, 92 percent freshness of rotten tomatoes, 12 golden horse award nominations and 7.5 points of score of nearly 160,000 audiences of douban. The "double" story, which was polished by the script over the past three years, has caused a lot of hot discussion among netizens. Keywords such as "Deng Chao acting", "Xiaotong Guan qingping death" and "unexposed eggs" have been repeatedly searched on sina weibo.



In the special issue released this time, the film stars Deng Chao, Betty Sun, Ryan, Qianyuan Wang, Lei Wu and other people, who have made a "professional", "high standards and high requirements" to the director, and "meticulous to a line." Betty Sun said the director was "willing to make films because of love, because of love", and Hu Jun praised Zhang Yimou for his "unquenchable enthusiasm" for the film industry.


A man's heart is like a shadow, not thought. At present, the film film has high attention heat on various platforms, and the documentary Zhang Yimou and his "film", which is the largest egg in the film, will be released on October 12. This film restores the whole process of the birth of film film and records the dedication of every hero behind the scenes. Audiences can see a more real Zhang Yimou in the documentary, ordinary but not ordinary.


It is reported that Zhang Yimou directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Deng Chao, Betty Sun, Ryan, Qianyuan Wang, Hu Jun, Wang Jingchun, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Wu, produced by Letv pictures (Beijing) co., LTD, Shanghai tencent pictures culture communication co., LTD and perfect weixiu entertainment (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Bona film group co., LTD., Hong Kong tencent film co., LTD., tianjin maoyan micro-film culture media co., LTD., and zhejiang bodi film co., LTD. Jointly produced the action drama film "shadow", which is currently popular in various theaters nationwide. The documentary, Zhang Yimou and his "shadow", will also be released nationwide on October 12 as a giant egg for the positive film.

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