North bay people hit fan zhang li xuejian was named “father and daughter of oil tea” for the first time.

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Linkeddb News December 5  by Qi star Director, Li Xuejian , Lily Liu Lai Lai , Yuan Du , Fan Zhang Such as the TV series" North Bay People "Is currently on CCTV 8. The show from a vicissitudes, faith and mind of the wise old man WeiDaZhuang Angle, vividly demonstrates the social and family status, China since the reform and opening up to the Angle of a loving, warm and harmonious family reflects the thousands of families, and reflects the development of guangxi since the reform and opening up and change, shows the national audience in guangxi to this family is full of positive energy has good family trait. Wei dazhuang, played by Li Xuejian, the father of Fan Zhang's third daughter wei guisu, has always expressed his love for his daughter in the way of "deep love, deep responsibility". In order to keep the newly appointed director wei awake at all times, he used a box of dragon fruit to remind his daughter that it is her sensitive period to pay more attention to. < / p > < p > in that wei GUI su and her husband lu zhiwei conflict deliberately let them go home for dinner, but also personally cook the daughter favorite to drink oil tea, wei GUI su bluntly on the table "like to drink dad do oil tea, there is a taste of childhood" many viewers were "oil tea father and daughter" between the warm interaction touched.

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As the first cooperation between Fan Zhang and Mr. Li Xuejian, she expressed her respect for Mr. Li Xuejian in the previous interview: "at the beginning, I was very nervous, but Mr. Li didn't have any shelf to communicate with easily, so I gradually relaxed myself and tried to find a topic to talk with Mr. Li Xuejian from the play." For Li Xuejian plays "WeiDaZhuang" the father of Fan Zhang described the role of daughter love really like mountains and deep, not from the body language shows so at first the relationship between father and daughter are not so close, the way for her daughter's education WeiDaZhuang said: "I compared her to a piece of iron, a piece of iron, put her in iron smelting in a refined, perhaps can become a piece of steel" but until WeiGui Sue knew a little bit of father to own this special love.

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For more highlights, stay tuned to North Bay People, a TV series on CCTV 8 that AIRS at 19:30 every night. & have spent


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