Hsia Meng The Dream Lover Of Louis Cha

She is the dream lovers of Louis Cha. He is so infatuated but can't get her for whole life.

"Flying snow shot tatsuura-honke Brewing, laughing at the book god yi bihuan." (飞雪连天射白鹿 笑书神侠倚碧鸳)I think many Louis Cha's fans who like martial arts novels know what they mean. This contains his 15 famous martial arts novels name. Since his first book "The story of the Book and the Sword"(书剑恩仇录) to the last one White Horse Neighing in the West Wind(白马啸西风

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Louis Cha died at the age of 94 in Hong Kong on oct 30, 2018. All over the world his readers,writer friends and who loved martial arts feel said when heard this bad news.He leaved us forever, from now on the great martial art world leaved us either.

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Many Louis Cha's martial arts novels have been remade into film and television arts, there are many different style beauties characters he wrote. One of the most beautiful is probably Wang Yuyan, the fairy sister in "Demi Gods and Semi Devils". Louis Cha described Wang Yuyan is like this: "I saw a girl wearing a pale pink veil, with her face towards the flowers and trees, her figure slender, her long hair down to her vest, and she gently held it with a silver ribbon. Duan yu looked at her back, only to feel that this girl is an angel come from the heaven... "Duan yu was infatuated with her when their first meet.Then he called her Fairy Sister.

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Later, many actors played this character successively, including Carman Lee's Wang Yuyan, Liu Yifei's Wang Yuyan and so on, which was really beautiful.

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In fact, the image of Jin Yong's fairy sister is not made up .The characters prototype is Hsia Meng(Xia Meng).

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Xia Meng is the Chinese version of Mr Jin Yong's dream lover Audrey Hepburn The woman that Mr. Jin Yong could not get all his life.

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As for Xia Meng, Mr Jin Yong said: "no one has seen xi shi as beautiful as she is. I think she should look like Xia Meng."

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Xia Meng was born in a literary and art house in Shanghai. She has been nurtured by her family since childhood. Beijing Opera and opera are both catchy and catchy. Xia Meng began her acting career in 1950 at the age of 17. Xia Meng is widely recognized as a xi shi actor in Hong Kong, having shot such films as Juedaijiaren, Niehaihua and Homecoming. Xia Meng is gorgeous but not charming in appearance, calm and quiet, elegant and graceful, known as "the Audrey Hepburn of the east".

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Xia Meng is the lover of Louis Cha in his dreams, and many of the perfect heroine in Jin Yong's novels is the incarnation of Xia Meng. The author Yi Shu once said: "it is only by understanding Jin Yong's feelings for Xia Meng that one can understand Jin Yong's works." If the time can turn back, he did not marry but she did not marry, male talent and beauty of they will not be together? Today, that is a mystery. Xia Meng died on oct 30, 2016. Jin Yong died on oct 30, 2018.

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