Lei wu leisure style at brand exhibition looking forward to art collision and seeking self-breakthrough

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 Linkeddb News October 11Yesterday, Lei Wu Appear some international brand art is exhibited, recreational jacket is tie-in jeans, athletic shoes, a suit of black and white match color is contracted atmosphere, the bright eye ornament of red satchel adds a few minutes lively move again, teenage gas is dye-in-the-wood. In the activity with stylist photograph, nifty try "long hair", get stylist is the same model, net friend straight shout "lovely"!

This exhibition perfectly combines the fashion idea of the brand with the works of over 30 artists around the world. Fashion and art join hands to explore the value and creativity of reproduction. "I'm looking forward to a clash of styles between Chinese and western artists," Lei Wu said. In this unreal and unreal journey, the teenager carefully looks at the works in different exhibition halls, savors the creative presentation of details, and senses the creativity and possibility contained in reproduction and reproduction.

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During the media group interview, Lei Wu expressed appreciation for the brand's unique personality and constant breakthroughs, and said that "as an actor, I hope I can also seek breakthroughs in every role". And referring to one of his most recent hits, Fights Break Sphere "When, he frankly admitted that" like to open the screen, the screen is full of talent, and will have the same slot with the net friends." Invited by the brand to attend this event, Lei Wu's own superior temperament and fashionable tension are also shown and recognized again. Looking forward to the young breakthrough themselves, more brilliant performance in the future!

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