asura' zhengzhou road show Lei Wu said hello in henan dialect and called the stewed noodles delicious.

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Today, the action fantasy filmasura"Was released in cinemas across the country, just one day before the movie was released (July 12), and zhengzhou fans were lucky enough to work with the director of" asura.Pang Ho cheung,Starring,Lei Wu,Zhang YishangWang tiejun Shared the story behind the movie. As soon as the creator, by henan fans of ultra high enthusiasm to shock, the scene of the burst of applause and cheers for times son happy, sometimes in response to the enthusiasm of the fans, four senior separately with henan words to said hello to you.Lei Wuis more blunt, "although it is my first visit to henan, I have a different affinity for henan. Since the shooting crew is all the hometown people in henan, I am very happy to finally come to the hometown of my brothers. The key is that the stewed noodles in henan are also delicious.

Lei Wu笑着和河南观众打招呼

羞涩的Lei Wu

Lei Wu谈角色

Lei Wu回答影迷提问

Lei Wu

Zhang Yishang和影迷打招呼

The movie asura was made by Lei Wu.Tony Leung Ka fai -,Carina Lau,, Zhang Yishang,Ming DaoStarring, etc. Lei Wu's fortunes, in hundreds of years ago, was once the asura industry One of the three king's insight into the head (the other two Wang Fen is Tony Leung Ka fai - as the head of desire andCarina Lau,plays the discretion of the head), because against defeat reborn chun became a kind of the shepherd boy in the world. One day, when asura found him again, a battle about the six reincarnations was ignited. In this film,Lei Wu(played by Lei Wu) Ruyi) and Zhang Yishang Hua rui) plays the role of the incarnation of justice, is they with love and kindness to save the life. Talked about the two roles, the director Pang Ho cheung, a full face of pride, he spoke of the "Lei Wu andZhang Yishangthe temperament of the two actors themselves as characters is very close to, especially the eyes and the aura is highly consistent, so when I first saw them, just think of this role is for him (her) tailor-made".

Lei Wu

Lei Wu阳光帅气

Lei Wu

Lei Wu温暖的笑容

Also in the movie is a $6.5 million cg-character named toka. Pang ho-cheung, director of Pang ho-cheung, said: "this kind of CG character is a $3 to $5 shot in the United States. There are more than 400 shots in this drama, and it must be very shocking for everyone to see it." "It's really like a Hollywood blockbuster," the audience shouted. "it's fantastic, it's fantastic, and it's very textural and realistic.

Lei Wu拍微博故事



Meeting finally,Lei Wualso specially and the audience together using a mobile phone took a wonderful moment, on July 13, flash boy wishes bring you into the asura world adventures in youth to explore the fascinating world. (photograph: lu jian)

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