Karen Mok Debuts 25th Anniversary of New Album Hearing for Gorgeous “Midfield Show” Looking Forward to the Next 25 Years

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Karen Mok Debuts 25th Anniversary of the New Album Hearing The Gorgeous "Midfield Show" Prospects for the Next 25 Years

International Tianhou Karen Mok (Karen[1]) will release the 25th Anniversary album "We Meet in the Midfield" and yesterday (28th) hosted a new song robbing party in Taipei Xinyi Eslite Exhibition Hall. New songs and MVs are the first to watch. There are nearly 200 media, DJs, music critics and lucky fans from across the mainland and Hong Kong. They are the first to enter "Karen Mok's 25th Anniversary Mok Cup. We met in the midfield for one-day flash limited exhibition." In the past 25 years of the music process, Mozambique has made people sigh at the place where the exhibition is going and predicts the success of the limited-flash exhibition today (29th). Karen Mok took a big red suit and was refreshed at the music concert. Under the curiosity of the host Mickey Huang , he hummed his way to the creation of five new songs. Producer Arai 11 The surprise appeared and the bouquet of 25 lollipops was presented, Karen [1] was happy. Arai honored partner Karen Mok with “My Beloved” and said, “She is bold and gives me a chance.” Only today's gold song achievements, Karen [1] laughed and said: "No, I just have vision!" Counter-professor producer Arai Shih has talent! Heroes and heroes, the atmosphere is warm and moving!

Karen Mok's latest album, "We meet in the midfield," was released on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the time. In addition to the commemorative and even more an outlook, the "midfielder" was considered by her to welcome the beginning of the next 25 years. This album was unreleased first and was hailed as “a gorgeous midfield music show.” Karen Mok invited more than 20 magnanimous talents to participate in the album. As in the midfield, the first half of the new album was The music masters who have cooperated with the masterpiece of Peerless Classics and the second half are the talented musicians of the first cooperation. Following Li Ronghao's tailor-made hit single, “Let's Love You,” and Hua Chenyu ’s “Half Life (we meet here)”, JJ Lin’s composition , and the “ Mentality ”, today The Khalil Fong , Wu Bai , Lay (entertainer) and other heavyweight names were released, and Jonathan Lee (musician) composer and Sanmao (author) lyrics "Flying" were released. Thirty years later, Karen Mok's version was born. The touch is amazing!

Karen Mok and her husband had been married for more than seven years. When they could not meet each other, they both stalked the phone every day. She also thought that “Don’t win a new marriage” to keep the marriage fresh, but she recently prepared for her new album and new tour. Work, the couple has not seen each other for a month now, and her "Outstanding Karen Mok 25th Anniversary World Tour Concert" will be detonated in Shanghai on 6/23. After talking about it, he will sing almost every week. "I am now Did not dare to think about it!” She admitted that her husband is quite considerate of her work style, but she will also be separated because of the two Acacia, she weighed, "Pretty" will now sing until the end of 2019, in order not to let her husband Mori, July, Karen Mok, who is very attentive, announced that he would spend a full year off with her husband after the final sing. Karen[1] had a profound affair with her husband in Germany. Her husband not only loved cooking for her, but she had to learn to make soup for her to drink. In addition, she said sweetly that her husband had been learning Chinese and coming to Taiwan with her. Singing KTV, she also sang her “He doesn't love me” and “Underbara älskade” to make the audience sweetly overturned and yelled: “It's melting ~”

Sony Music made Karen Mok's music map together to celebrate Karen's release of "We meet in the midfield" and made every effort to create "Karen Mok's 25th Anniversary Mok Cup. We met in the midfield for one-day flash limited exhibition" today. From 11am to 6pm, limited by flash on the first day, fans will enjoy Karen Mok’s 25th Anniversary music tour after entering the two huge new album main visual wall, Karen[1] debut album, limited edition Competitions such as vinyl, concert tickets, and various rare editions across the country were placed on the two big hands to showcase the midfield concept of sports events. They also echoed with the album title “We Meet in the Midfield”. In addition, the size of Karen Mok Logo installation art is also located in it, accompanied by an entire wall of posters, when the fans walk through the entire album, concerts and movie posters lane, quietly taste Karen [1] each The journey of the course, through the multimedia area, finally came to the old photo Karen Mok performed at the age of two. People could not help but linger on their hearts.

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