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Di renjies four kings' review: tsui hark spent eight years creating the' most powerful detective universe of dillinger ', which belongs to chinese fantasy films.

On Tuesday, July 24, 2007, star relationship jointly organized netizens to go to the Oscar grand Shanghai film city to watch the Chinese giant screen version. Di RenJies four Kings ". Tsui Hark It took eight years to build "the most powerful detective universe of dillinger". Unique in Chinese martial arts movies, it is a spectacle of imagination, fantasy, fantasy and action. Check out the reviews for Di RenJies four Kings in advance, and go to the theater with a friend this weekend.



"Di RenJies four Kings, as today's best martial arts directorTsui Harkfilm series, the biggest selling point of the whole movie is his special effects, the story is based on its characters continue down to a more complete story, the first half or depressing stage, make the person a bit bludger to sleep, last half an hour to reproduceTsui Harkdirector attainments of fighting scenes.

It's great. Nothing else, just for the sake of it Mark Chao , also have to admire the film, the suspense is encased in a funny, funny and buried the seeds, the near-end people sometimes laugh, and sometimes frightened, finally also to let out a whoop of an Epiphany, supportTsui Harkdirector, production series also will continue to support, every one give people a new surprise, really good oh, you must go to the cinema to watch, the absolute value back to the ticket prices.


Created a fantasy big dream person magic Buddha creation belongs to the Chinese fantasy film face feeling is amazing, the film has magnified the power of the high dragon mace a lot. There are a lot of funny new words and actions Even a breakthrough, but there is also a shortage of the hall post jinlong after the revival of the post after the painting texture is not good, stickers. Special effects can be appreciated if you want to see special effects, but it is still an option.

AnotherTsui Harkversion of jianghu gorge story is very straightforward, no sense of solving crimes! The movie is funny and fantastic , Lin Gengxin and Ma Sichun Cp feels good enough, Ethan Juan The performance of the round test is also very prominent, and this time the power of the magic weapon hyper long mace is greatly enlarged

The new big four did not Andy Lau, There's no dawn, there's Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Feng Shaofeng Lin Gengxin, the 3D effect is very good. There are also gorillas in it. The whole film gives people a sense of the causal cycle of justice and Buddhism.

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