Show luo gofighting in the girlfriend to escape today but with the frame generous show love good nearly?

Show Luo GoFighting in the girlfriend to escape today but with the frame generous show love good nearly?

People who like to watch variety shows probably have seen more and more variety shows. GoFighting "The show. More or less, Show Luo's girlfriend was mentioned in this variety Show Grace Chow . Just every time when she mentioned it,Show Luoavoided and changed the subject.

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What's more funny to the audience is that when he mentioned his girlfriend again,Show Luoplayed dead to escape.

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But something unexpected happened. Show Luo, who escaped by mentioning his girlfriend on the Show, showed his love with his girlfriend in a generous frame.

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Show Luo's girlfriend, Grace Chow, posted video on her weibo account on Saturday night. According to video,Show Luoand her girlfriend, Grace Chow, both arrive in trendy outfits. They were also found holding hands and sticking together.

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This time "pig"Show Luoalso played a strong "twenty-four filial piety boyfriend", became girlfriend's "imperial photographer". Two people in video, happy ga dance, when playing quite high.

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Seeing this video, netizens said the dog food spread was caught by surprise. Worried Internet users have joined the rush to get married, so they rush to get married.

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There's more to their sweet moments than that. It was Grace Chow's birthday on September 12, and she posted a photo of herself on her social media platform, along with a caption saying she was leaving for her birthday. Later,Show Luoposted pictures of the couple drinking and gave her birthday wishes.

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In fact,Show Luosaid on the Show what kind of girls she likes. He said he paid less attention to girls' appearance and more attention to their character.Grace Chowis optimistic and positive, which is probably whyShow Luoloves her. Specific two people when will have good news to spread, only wait quietly!

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